My new char (not fire/light sorc now)


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My new char (not fire/light sorc now)

Ok i decided from my last thread about fire sorc rebuild or make light sorc instead that elemental (mostly sorcs) are easily absorbed. Thanks again to all the people who gave input/opinions on my fire/light sorc thread. I need a good character to public duel with. I came up with 3 lists: will not make, already have, and considering making.

Here is what i got so far:

***Will NOT make:***
Zon - Jav: junk
Asn - Trap: boring
Asn - WW: like barb more
Sorc - Light: absorb
Pal - V/T or T/V: dont want
Pal - FoH: asborb/too easy to play

***Already have/in progress:***
Nec - Bone: runs out of mana fast
Nec - Summon: too much summoning then die
Sorc - Fire: absorb
Sorc - Cold: didnt like/absorb
Barb - BvC: got 1 but not 100% finished and no fun in casual pub
Pal - Charge/Hammer: making 1 but dont like

***Considering making:***
Zon - Bow: What are worst enemy classes/builds?
Nec - Psn: are they easily absorbed? is it hard to catch enemy at 1 life?
Druid - Wind: Highly considering this :thumbsup:
Druid - Fire: are they easily absorbed like sorcs?

All input and opinions and facts and stuff greatly appriciated ill check back later.

Also is there a real nice good build around Widowmaker for sorc or pally that actually can do very well in pub duel?


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Re: My new char (not fire/light sorc now)

I'll say something about poisoner Necros.

They're next to impossible to negate with good gear (most notably Death's Web). However, they have a weakness against long ranged casters, even with tele because of nova's short range. Without tele you can basically forget about duelling sorcs, Bowzons and the like.

They're very good against melee builds though, a few novas and some teeth gets a kill.


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Re: My new char (not fire/light sorc now)

I rolled a wind druid, and boy is it fun! Havnt completly finished it yet but im close. My windy seems to hold up better than anything else ive played besides my BvC. May try a poison necro too, they sound a lot of fun and i wont even have to namelock much.