My Necro Experience


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My Necro Experience

I'd like to share my experience in creating my first necro, I guess to begin with I should admit that although I've played for years I have always shunned this character class thinking them to be weak and not much fun.

About two weeks ago whilst playing with friends, who, like me, were all *sorcs are the best* type thinkers, I announced I fancied trying something different and would build a necro of some sort. That was the beginning, some laughs and a very sceptical start.

I set about reading all the threads and guides here (thank you to everybody that's written and posted them they've been a great help) and decided on a Bone/summon hybrid, planned my skills, stats and equipment and I was ready to start.

So I twinked some gear on, bought a basic wand with +skelly and within a few minutes had 3 skellies (the building of my army), it was great and I found myself cheering at the screen each time my guys chased down a monster and battered it muahaha. The enjoyment started to build but so did the sceptism, would they die horribly in Hell?

To stop the story getting too long I'll skip the middle apart from to say the enjoyment carried on growing and the sceptism dropped a little, we pick things again at lvl 75 doing NM baal runs, I decided it was time to try hell so I killed baal and was ready to go.

Now we usually rush hell so I msged my friends who all said they were 1/2 way to levelling and didn't want to help right now as mostly we die at some point, faced with this I borrowed an enigma and decided to try and face it myself. Here's how it went:

Act 1 - easy, had to check was this hell?
Act 2 - easy again, was this really hell? did I click nm by accident?
Act 3 - Travincal? no problem! Mephisto? pah!

Act 4
*Shudder* my long time nemesis, the area of the game that's claimed so many of my bodies, visions of diablo's flame and lightening reducing my skellies to a pile of ash tearing through my mind.

But I gave it a try, made my way through the sanctuary opening each of the seals surprisingly easily (accept for one moment when I think the skellies and merc must have been Iron Maidened because I lost around 7 of the 12 of them).

There I stood last seal ready to open and soon I would be face to face with Big D, burning in his flames, but starting to wonder maybe just maybe my army could survive his wrath.


the seal was open, a dash to the middle. Ready. Waiting.
There he is, I amped him, teleported my army on top of him and fired off a couple of bone spirits, and then WHAT? NO? HOW? he was dead, no not just dead that doesn't do it justice, he got murdered, battered, wiped the floor with - no joke it lasted about 5 seconds. WOW. The dance I made around the room may not have been the prettiest thing to watch but I was impressed; really impressed!!! Big D - ha ha more like little girl.

Act 5
Feeling pretty cocky and confident now, passed through everything like a breeze, lvl 77 and ready for the ancients, now a week before we were rushing a friend and 2 sorcs spent around 10 mins dancing around the ancients trying to kill them without being hit, a slow and painful job.

Could I solo hell ancients? lvl 77? by now I was pretty confident, so setup some bone walls, boxed them in and pressed the button, around a minute later and with the loss of just one skelly they were dead. Victorious! You better watch out Baal I'm coming for you.

Off to the throne of destruction, baals minions didn't present a challenge, one after another they fell, bring me more baal and you'll find more bodies.

Hoping to repeat the 5 second whipping I'd given Diablo I entered the Worldstone chamber and skipped over to Baal - Hello, Baal, have you met my boney friends? muahahaha. I bet he was quivering. Although he did take longer to kill, he presented no problems and soon I was crowned Patriarch. :thumbsup:

I'd just soloed hell, not just soloed it but breezed through it, never in danger of dying, not even close, just one merc death, half a dozen skellies and only a few rejuv potions used.

I think back to that other class I used to play, what was the name again, oh yeah sorcs and smile, ha ha.

I'm Level 87 now and *sigh* I've noticed a drawback with the build, my friends are so impressed with my necro they all want one, so each night this week I've been pestered for rushes and to help them with hellforge rushes so they can get some runes to make an enigma. Not a bad drawback I guess? :lol:

Discussions between us of the ladder reset have been ongoing and a couple of weeks ago it was all meteorb this, blizzard that, enchantress maybe - last night I had to smile as things changed to bonemancer this, bone/hybrid that, or what about a poisonmancer, he he he

So thank you to all the members and contributors to the forum of my new fave class :clap: :clap:


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Heh, a skellimancer can hold his own, even in an 8 players game.

I play singleplayer, meaning I have access to the neat /players command (to simulate more players in the game).

Since my skellimancer had such a ridiculous easy time through normal and nightmare at 8 players (except for Diablo at normal, who is a terror to all summoners) I decided to keep at 8 players setting through Hell.

The ancients required a few retries, but otherwise it went smoothly (though slowly).

BTW, unless you go single-element sorceresses can solo Hell quite nicely too.


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necromancers are good. IMO they were better in 1.09 when there was skill required for them.

now if you wish for a necromantic challenge you really have to go sailor, meleemancer sort of thing.

still fun though


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Cool story, Barial ;)
Makes me want to build one too.

What was your exact build anyway?
20/20 Skel/Mastery
1 SResist
1 to all curses?
The rest in bonespells?


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Haha this ladder season i magic find with a bone/summon necro and since Big D is a breeze (cept gold for dead merc ) i actually run him and he drops better than baal for me so far hehe. I started untwinked even and after a few weeks back into the game i am still running around with a p-topaz skullders hehe. Enigma is now afforable for me but think i wanna remake my bone/summon necro and slap some really good stuff on him as its worth it! Hell Baal, Diablo, Memp, Pits, Pindle, Ancients Tunnels - u name it, no problems and i can only imagine if i slapped on an Enigma hehe. I have figured out a set up that gives me +11 all and max resists with 3 anyas (w/o anni sc) and 305/430mf main/switch (w/o mfscs) and it looks real sweet lol. Hmm if anyone is curious on how i made my mf bone/summon (untwinked) its all in my guide 'The Bony Magicfinder v1.10' :p The necromancer has always been my favourite class as its devious and u can have pets hehe. Great story of your experience and you made a good choice exploring the necro class :D


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The cool thing about skellies in 8-player baal runs is that usually there is at least a conviction aura and sometimes a fanaticism aura going on to beef them up to insane killing spree levels. Of course having Enigma probably makes any summoner at least twice as powerful.


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Indemaijinj: Yeah I can solo hell with sorcs too but it was the ease the necro beat it which surprised me and not having to drink health pots.

batuchka: Yours was one of may great guides I read, and probably one of the most influential in choosing the bone/summon hybrid.

As for my build
20 bone spear
20 bone spirit
20 bone wall
1 amp dmg
1 decrepify (plus 2 for the pre-reqs)
20 raise skele
1 skele mastery
1 clay golem
1 golem masterty
1 summon resist

have 6 skill pts saved atm and wondering whether to added teeth for synergy for spear and spirit, into skele mastery or to get revives, any body got any thoughts?

As for my equipment, somewhat rich so I had the choice:
shako, enigma, hoto, mara's, 2x soj, marrow, frostburns, homunculus,annihulus
call to arms + lidless on switch

Made a mistake only lvl 86 but nearly 87

lvl 36 spear 3188-3361
lvl 36 spirit 3536-3780
lvl 36 skele 360-364
Bone armour 965

1934 life
1040 mana
2082 def
resists all 75

haven't got any skillers yet so I can add more dmg when I get chance to


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Wow nice gear/stats! I guess HOTO with anni sc would go a long way to hit max resists in hell and yes with such a high +skills gear you pulled off an awesome spirit/spear dmg and nasty skellies :D Hmm this is my opinion : since u have Enigma you could fully utilise 'minion stacking' on targets and with just a point in revive you could get loads more minions hehe. Then pump into skelly mastery for nastier summons and go Hell cowing :p Pumping teeth isn't a bad idea either and with your resources Summon GCs are cheap anyways hehe Hmm i have spoken to necros who use Enigma and some have prefered a trangs gloves or uniq spiderweb sash to get a bit more fcr for tele? I am guessing your build is mana-intensive - perhaps switch out the frosties and get a might merc with Insight would solve this but i am unsure what merc you are employing.

p.s Hmm you didn't go for Dim Vision? I find it a useful AI curse but then again i am not using Enigma :p Cheers!


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Nice story !!

I really enjoyed reading it and it made me rethink of the time i was still playing pvm and when i was not so rich as i am now.
In fact, those days gave me more satisfaction towards the game as it does now :uhhuh:
Your build seems both effective and fun because of the versatility,
btw how much damage does ur bone spear do??
U use an act2 might merc?

I would also suggest getting dim vision, it's a very good curse vs those lightning thingys (what they called again?? ah souls right), u just enter the room, press a few times the dim vision button and u can kill all with great ease.

Good job and have more fun gogo !


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Yeah I'm using arachnids 20% FCR, Hoto 40% fcr which according to soulesschilds tables would give 11 Frame, and 15% short of the 75fcr needed to hit 10frames, I must admit a couple of times I've been caught and I'm considering trying trangs gloves, taking off the frostburns at the moment I drain mana when using spirit.

Merc is a might merc with insight but it's only lvl 13 meditation so I need to re-roll to get better and hopefully I won't need frosties and can try trangs.

As for curses to start with I just used Amp dmg and only recently added decrepify to see if it helped to kill Baal any faster, although I haven't seen any improvement. Dim Vision sounded like it might have been useful, but with enigma I either teleport past or stop and murder everything so haven't felt the need at the moment, attract again sounded nice but I've been hoping to save the skill pts for other options.

As for gloams I just amp, tele on top and keep moving they die quickly and not sure but seems to be because I am teleporting the skellies stack and take all the dmg, has anyone tested this?

Plus I'm new to necros so just learning about the curses and the best places and applications for each, not quite as smart as all you guru's out there.


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i'll try to answer some questions, and echo some of the queries you have.

(1) amp>decrep if you are only concerned about damage, since decrep only does 50% more damage as opposed to amp's 100%. the reason people put some in decrep is because of the slow. try decrep on any act boss; you will see the difference.
(2) trangs gloves is a must! the bonuses on it are just too good to pass up.
(3) havent tested the skelly stacking either, but from what i can tell they dont stack up (by stacking i think u mean teleing directly next to the monster? thats the one im saying here). at least it seemed that way when i tele on top of baal (only like 1/4th of the skellies dealt damage). to be safe i think just tele somewhat close to them but not directly beside em.
(4) seems like the mana is a bit low. you can solve the trangs problem by having 1 50+mana gc (if you have space). one of these babies should add like 100+ mana.