MY nec setup which way to go?


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MY nec setup which way to go?

I got my nec gear all ready in place but im not sure which way to go?

helm- Uhhhh.. lol cant afford shako right until then peasant
armor- Enigma
sheild- Homounculus
weapon- White
gloves- Trangs
boots- Waterwalks
belt- Rare 24% fhr 60 to life
ammy- 1-2 to skills
ring- r frost and a dwarf

Whats the best way to got? i dont have ne pnb gc's cause i spent mosta my stuuff on the nigma i got plenty of health charms though.....whats ur advice
and r the items ok?

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From what i see, your gear makes you alright for pretty much all the common builds, you could try a bone hybrid, could you tell us if/what the passive wand bonus is?


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That's a solid setup for any build. The White wand is still better than most wands for bone-based builds even without any extra skills, but tell whoever made it that you can shop +3 bonespear wands from Drognan in act 2 Normal. It could have been a +8 bonespear item rather than a +5. Dol + Io can be had pretty cheaply though so you can always make a new one.

Generally speaking Necros tend to prefer one of three wands. Arm of King Leoric for summoning/skeleton builds, White Wand for bone skills, and the very costly Death's Web for Poison Nova builds. Others will use the Heart of the Oak runeword, however, which can be great for hybrid builds.

If you want to go melee or daggermancer (I wouldn't recommend it if you're new to necros), you'll obvious want a nice heavy hitting weapon or a Fleshripper.

Enigma is awesome for any build but probably gives the Biggest PvM edge to summoners, allowing them to refocus their army at will.