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My monk build

Discussion in 'Diablo 2 Community Forum' started by Soepkieken, Nov 11, 2010.

  1. Soepkieken

    Soepkieken Diabloii.Net Member

    Oct 30, 2010
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    My monk build

    My last creation in diablo ii is a monk (inspired by the coming diablo iii, although I intend to start that game with either a witch doctor or a demon hunter).
    The monk is a holy warrior: able to heal and protect (prayer), and to dish out physical damage at high speed (charge chains). In diablo ii the only weapon that would really fit a monk is a staff. I had so much fun with my monk that I like to share my version of him with all of you (so this is not a strategy guide!):

    STR: 106 (I like to be able to wear any of my items independently from the others, theoretically you can go as low as 41).
    DEX: none
    VIT: rest
    ENE: guess...

    20 points in charge (main attack skill, left mouse button)
    20 points in might (synergy, aura on F3)
    20 points in vigor (synergy, aura on F2 for crazy running)
    20 prayer (synergy to cleansing AND meditation, both aura's you'll have switched on)
    20 resist lightning (makes my dream helm adding 1-2203 lightning damage to my attacks, handy for immunes. When facing gloams I use the aura on F4)
    1 point in cleansing (main aura, F1)

    Dream tiara: 18% resists, 29% FHR, 1-2203 holy shock damage
    Mara's: +2 skills, 27% resists
    Insight archon staff: 318 base damage, +243% AR, lvl 16 meditation aura
    Chains of Honor dusk shroud: +2 skills, 65% resists,...
    Raven frost & Bull-Kathos
    Blood fists: 30% FHR, 40 life
    Verdungo's: 13% DR, 38 VIT, 10% FHR
    Goblin toe: 25% CB
    Anni & Torch: 35% resists, 29 all attributes
    Charms: +4 defensive aura's, I reach 75% FHR, extra AR & life
    Switch: Call to Arms and Sigons for BO
    Still looking for a demon limb, extra AR never hurts and it lasts 10 minutes

    Prayer merc: Infinity, Bramble, Delirium

    The best place to take him is in multiplayer. Very few people have your aura's: (prayer synergized) cleansing, (prayer synergized) meditation, prayer, thorns (conviction from infinity and holy shock are less unusual), and they will be VERY happy seeing both their globes going up all the time. Some naggers get annoyed with cleansing reducing shrine duration, but they won't nag when curses wear off very fast or against Andariel. Against gloams don't forget to switch to resist lightning, people will also appreciate this. On top of it people don't expect a healer to rush forward at high speed in battle. Charge is a pretty impressive skill: few people can keep up with you ;-). You can use charge all the time for normal running as mana is not your problem (meditation).

    Single player is not very easy but a lot of fun. You are dual element, and charge can be annoying due to the mana cost but you have meditation. Compared to a charger, you do much less damage but the mana and lightning damage make up for it.

    Pvp he's very strong: running around like crazy and getting back his life without pot-abuse or needing to leech.

    + Style! With a dusk shroud, a tiara and a staff he looks like he's level 3 and didn't find a real weapon yet. Some people will think you are a complete noob. Cleansing is also an aura that many people don't recognize.

    One of my most fun characters!
  2. droid

    droid Diabloii.Net Member

    Aug 6, 2008
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    Re: My monk build

    Have you looked at the Abbott build, Charger variant? Its very similar to yours, except it stacks iPDR for defense, which makes him nigh on invincible in most cases.
  3. Domonkazu

    Domonkazu Diabloii.Net Member

    Nov 2, 2010
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    Re: My monk build

    you may call it monk as you wish, still its a paladin :p

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