My MF Hammerdin Equipment (suggestions?)


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My MF Hammerdin Equipment (suggestions?)

So I finally decided to try out a Hammerdin, I plan to have him take the place of my MF Sorc as my primary MFer. This is his current gear:

Perfect Herald of Zakarum
Upped Perfect Chance Guards
Perfect War Travs
7ll String of Ears
15ed superior archon Enigma
Harlequin Crest
Carrion Wind Ring
Raven Frost Ring
Highlords Amulet.

He has around 298mf after charms. I'm wondering how I can get this up even higher with possibly new gear, and if so, what gear? I plan to ptopaz my Shako, and Ist my shield. Should I go with BK Rings/Maras or MF rings/amulet? Also, plan on getting a Heart of the Oak as well.


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with this gear, you have no fcr. I would switch string with arach, chancies with magefists. Go with hoto or wiz for tele. Use gulls dagger on switch as long with a mf shield.


Make your gear as follows:

Pdiamond or Um HoZ
Wizzy w/ res jewel
Shako w/ Ptopaz
highest MF ammy you can get (40 if possible)
2 Nagels

Switch: Gull and Rhyme, or if your rich, 6ist crystal sword and 4ist shield. Or if middle, 2ist baba/rhyme.


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If I dedicate my glove/boot/ring/amulet to MF, will I still be able to do Baal runs? That is really the whole point of this character, boss running and maybe some pit. I agree with the fcr comment, I plan to get an arach soon.

6socket sword and 4socket shield is also a very good idea. I'm not THAT rich, but I'm sure I could gradually Ist both items.


As long as you have good FCR (Magefist, Wizzy and Arach is all you need) and max resists you should be able to solo Baal fine, assuming you are quite skilled with hammers.

I usually carry my Chancies in my inventory and swap out when I get to Baal.

Damage is never an issue, as even 6k is fine for PvM. It's the FCR and Resists that matter.


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Just an update for those helping me:

I purchased a +30res Hoto and tried it out. Found that the Wizspike was better and just as efficient at baal running. I sold the Hoto for 2ist (bought it for ist), and then used a spare pul to purchase a 4soc monarch. I put the two ists into it. I've decided to have a CTA on switch instead of the 6soc crystal sword. With a full slotted monarch my MF comes to about 398mf, which I think is suitable. If I did go the sword route, my MF would be over 500mf, and I think it's a bit overkill.

I still need to get an Arachnid, and a second Nagel, and also a good MF rare amulet, but at the moment I'm able to do solo baal runs at level 83.


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hm get better amu^

i can help ^ got +2pala combat/10fcr/7all res/20 mf amu to sell ^^ i need nice offer though ^^


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Weapon: WizardSpike
Shield: HoZ 'PDiamond'
Helm: Ptopaz Shako (74%Mf)
Armor: Enigma (90%Mf)
Amulet: Crafted Amulet with 10%FCR and 25%Mf (25%Mf)
Rings: 2x Pnagel (60%Mf)
Belt: Arachnid's Mesh
Gloves: PChancies (40%Mf)
Boots: PTravs (50%Mf)
WeaponSwitch: 6xIsted Crystal (180%Mf)
ShieldSwitch: 4xIsted Monarch (100%Mf)
12x Mfsc(7%) (84%Mf)
40% Gheeds (40%Mf)

Total Mf without switch: ~460%
Total Mf with switch: ~740%
Total FCR without switch: 80%