My merc's equipment - good or not?


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My merc's equipment - good or not?

Hi everybody,

so I just created my first MF sorc based on a guide I have found here. Until this point, I haven't really used a merc (don't look at me like that! I just restarted the game after a long break!) and I know there are threads about merc equipment, I just want to hear you idea about this combo.

His armor would be the Griswold armor. I have found it in the Crypt, and was happy to give it to my pally (who was the product of a bad skill allocation, RIP my friend!), and I thought it would be nice to give it to my merc. ~1000 def is not bad. Also, if I hire an Act 2 Hell Defense merc, will his Defiance aura benefit from the "+2 to Defensive skills (Paladin only)" stat? Btw, it is socketed with 3 ptopazes, so he starts with 72% MF

Now the weapon is a harder question. I read a few good thing about Kelpie Snare - combined with Blackthorne face, it could slow the enemy by 90%! But the damage is low, and its hard to find (even in trade)
Next idea was Reaper's Toll. A nice one IMHO, with "built-in" life leech. Cheap and good solution maybe?
But right now I'm thinking of the Tomb Reaver. Dmg is acceptable, huge IAS (60%), high resistances, and a 50-80% Mf boost! Also, it can have 3 open sockets. If I choose this, what would be the best gems/runes in it? I'm sure it needs at least one Amn for life leech! Other ideas?

And last but not least, the helm. Currently I have a Tal mask and a Blackthorne Face. Do you think one of them will be good? Or should I try to find an Andariel's helm, as many people suggest?

Thanks! :rolleyes:



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Re: My merc's equipment - good or not?

Well, I would make a few changes:

Rich: Infinity
Other: Reapers, Insight

Rich: Eth Fort / Eth Shaftstop
Other: Shaftstop, Levi (for str), etc.

Helm (all helms are pretty cheap, unelss perf)
Andy's, Tals, etc. Andy's is the most standard.


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Re: My merc's equipment - good or not?

I'm baaling with treachery, rockstopper and reapers on the merc.


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Re: My merc's equipment - good or not?

Basically you want these things on your merc:

1. LifeLeech <--- absolutely must have
2. A big-damage weapon <--- very, very helpful - almost essential
3. Damage Reduction
4. Resistances
5. Increased Attack Speed
6. Crushing Blow

... getting all 6 of those from only 3 slots can be difficult, but basically the first two I listed are the really important ones. Those will help your merc keep himself alive, the next 3 will compliment that to various extents. The Crushing Blow will help him take down high-life monsters like act bosses.

I tend to swap out equipment depending on where I'm running, and here's some setups that I like:

1. Balanced Attack:
- Reaper's Toll if you need crowd control, or Insight if you need the mana-regeneration
- Duress
- Vampire Gaze (IAS or resistance jewel)

<--- this provides a nice balance of killpower and defense, for a fairly reasonable cost. I find it's a nice 'questing through the game' setup, as it covers the first two from my list quite well, and has a little bit of each of the others too.

2. Defensive Elements:
- Guardian Angel (IAS jewel)
- Kira's Guardian (IAS jewel)
- & whatever leeching weapon

<--- 90 resist all and Cannot Be Frozen for your merc means that physical-damage is really the only big threat to him. Depending on the monsters you face, this may be enough to make him near-invincible. Before I got my Fortitude armour, this is what I used for Baal runs.

3. Physically Defensive:
- Reaper's Toll
- Shaftstop
- VampGaze

<--- handy for high physical-damage areas like Countess and Pindleskin runs.

4. Current Setup for Baal runs:
- Insight (I can't afford Infinity)
- Fortitude
- VampGaze (IAS jewel)

<--- On a prayer mercenary. I need the mana from Insight, and he heals about 60 life per second for my sorc. He's got good resistances and damage, but could use a little more tanking power against some hard-hitters (Frenzytuar's, cursed Lister, etc.). I wish he had some crushing blow for Baal too, but I can get by without it.


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Re: My merc's equipment - good or not?

Reaper's >>>> tomb reaver

tomb reaver isn't a great weap imo but reaper's is lovely.