My Merc is getting OWNED, HELP!!!


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My Merc is getting OWNED, HELP!!!

Lev 75 HolyFreez Merc using an Infinity Kickazz Pole Arm wearing 3xxx def Stone Armor. I'm in act 2 and Lighting Imune monsters are giving me a hard time. I think the biggest problem is he is getting no life leach. Right now he is having to wear a socked Naj's Cir because he needs the +strength for the Polearm req. Once I'm able to I will proubly put Gaze on him. I guess my main question is Armor? Is there a different Armor he should be wearing? Maybe Crown of Thieves is a better option? Talk to me folks!!!!!!

BTW, I'm a LF Zon.

mr hamster

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i personally find nothing wrong with crown of thieves (much cheaper than gaze and you can get along with the 9-12% leech) and a fort (good defense, chilling armor, life, resists, and the massive damage increase helps the leech)


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Life leech, dr%, res and fhr + some defense are some of the mods you mercs equipment should have.
Upped Etheral Gaze sox:Um --> 20%dr, life leech, resists + some def, um gives more res
Upped Etheral Crown Of Thieves sox:Um --> 12%ll, life, 33%fr, Um gives more res
Eth Andariel sox:Ral/jewel30fr/15ias --> life leech, strenght, IAS

Eth Upped Shaftstop sox:um --> 30%dr, life, def vs missile, Um gives res
Eth Fortitude --> res, life, damage, def + chilling armor(more def)
Eth Stone --> high def, str, vit, fhr, def vs missile, resists
Eth Upped Duriels Shell --> def, life, resist, str, CBF


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Eth Gladiators Bane with 12 ll Crown of Thieves socketed with.......a perfect topaz(never bothered to clean it) and he does very very well in all areas of the game. Crown replaced a 8 ll Vamp Gaze-merc lives better with 10%+ ll (my gold tells me so). The freeze and blind effect from the Pride thresher holds things nicely until Atma's neck goes off to reduce the PI mob he is tanking.

Enwere Score

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I have a level 90 holy freeze merc with a vampire gaze, eth fort, and an insight. Vampire gaze is a nice helm and cheap, before that Tal's mask worked well and is dirt cheap. The lightning immunes are not a problem, but IM is a real pain still.