My Maul bear

My Maul bear

Well i havent had a maul bear since 1,9 and i would like to bring mine back
but im not totally sure on the gear so lots of help would be nice.

Helm: ed/max Jalas
Ammy: Highlords
Weapon:: 3 ed/iasShael Griz Caddy(5 frames i think)
Armor: Coh Archon
Shield: Cham SS
Rings: 2 angelic Halo
Gloves: Dracs for the bm pallys but other wise Ik for the dex
Boots: War travs(like the damage)

and for charms i got some max/ar/life and fhr charms and of course a anni my favorite charm :). as for skills i will use maul one to hunger and lyco and how and bear

this is for pvp to


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without the angelic amulet, the angelic rings are truly useless. Ed/max doesn't work either and I'm pretty sure 4 frames at low damage > 5 frames at higher damage. Safer too imho especially if the other guy's perpetually stunned.
I don't know either.
Switch the rings out, maybe go for eth botd instead of caddy.
btw if you use drac you're just as bm :teeth:


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Caddy can't hit 4-Frames any way you socket it. The best 5-Frame socketing would be 3 ED/IAS and 1 Shael. 4 > 5 still.

ED/Max doesn't give proper damage increase, so I wouldn't put it there.

No Angelic Ammy = no need for rings. Use a Ravenfrost and a rare/crafted AR/Stat/Resist/etc ring or a second Ravenfrost.

I'd prefer Steelrend's over IK Gloves

Shield, I'd socket that with a Shael. 7 > 8 and really more so with a 4-Frame Phase since you can't block successively you have more of a chance to hit back. 11 would put you under the 12 frame make for 3 consistant 4-Frame attacks.

Belt you didn't mention, but Verdungo's.

Rest of your items look ok, if you did switch your weapon, then Max Armor would be better, but that would be more difficult to make.

Skills I wouldn't bother with Grizzly really, especially at that low of a level. I do reccommend 1 in Shockwave also, it's beneficial when you learn to use it.
thnx alot victus i just so happned to have a pair of steel rends on my barb to. But i should still sheal my ss with caddy