My Lite Mf, can get any better?


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My Lite Mf, can get any better?

hi guys.. ive worked many hours to make the ultimate Balanced lite Mf sorc that will be able to run all hell easly..

well i came with that gear (thats what im using atm):

Helm: 23-19 Griffons
Weapon: Ist'd Occy
Armor: Nigma Mp
Shield: Perfect Spirit Monrach
Boots: Perfect Travs
Belt: Araches
Gloves: Perfect Chancies
Amulet: Perfect Mara
Ring1: Soj
Ring2: 25Mf +10fcr + 9Fire res + Dex

6Bo Cta Flail


25 x 7 MF scs (Some with res mods)
Perfect Gheed
15 All Res Gc
5 All res sc


3500 Def Eth Fort
Infinity Ca
20 Dr 8ll Gaze with 15Ias 10Max

Stats After all:

2150 Life (After Bo)
820 Mana
120 Fcr (enought to reach lighnting 115 Fcr Limit)
55 Fhr

Lightining dmg: 26K
Chain Lightning:10K

75 All res
42 Fire Res

500 Mf
thats all.

any way to make me better?
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Re: My Lite Mf, can get any better?

I'm sorry I won't be answering your question, but where are the best places to mf with lite sorc? It's a noob question/off topic, yet you seem to have the knowledge of the build.

I wanted to make one myself when ladder switches


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Re: My Lite Mf, can get any better?

Tals belt + armor + amu gives more mf.. same with shako but I guess you want some killing power...

why enigma on a sorc?!?


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Re: My Lite Mf, can get any better?

Well, with the diminishing returns from MF, I think anything over 200 is overkill. You could probably lose some of the charms for +lite skillers and lose the mf ring for another soj. The Enigma, Gheed, and maybe 4 of the mf charms are all you should really need. If it doesn't kill your breakpoints, I'd switch Chance Guards for Magefist and then switch Griffon's Eye for Shako. The +15% lite damage of Griffon is really negligible when compared to all the damage bonuses you get from synergies and mastery. Shako also has 50% mf on it, if I recall correctly...

Anyway, my main point is you could easily sacrifice some mf for +skills, especially in the charm area if nowhere else.