my light sorc build


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my light sorc build

How does this build work out for MF?

10 charged bolt
20 lightning
20 chain lightning
20 lightning mastery
1 warmth
1 teleport
10 static

where else should i stick points?

What is enough str?


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Re: my light sorc build

im by no means an expert, but do you really need 10 points in static field? All that increases is range, which shouldnt be a problem anyway. Just tele up, click 2 or three times, tele away... not to mention the range is already being bosted by +skills items. IMHO, those points would be better spent in a lightning synergy, such as chargedbolt. 1 in thunder storm is good also, since youll have alot of damage in synergys. Any more than 1 would be a waste though, as the damage doesnt increase much.


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Re: my light sorc build

20 Lightning
20 CL
20 Mastery
20 CB
20 Nova
1 Static
1 Warmth
1 Tele
1+ TK

Prebuff switch with EShield and Cold Armor if you want to go that route.

Dump spare points in TK. This is clearly a damage build, you could toss extra points in TK at the expense of Nova in order to get better results if you're prebuffing EShield.

Do NOT put 10 points in Static, it will be getting boosted by every +skill and +light skill you have, and will just be a waste of 9 points