my javazon


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my javazon

I'm having some problems with my javazon, not high resists, preoblems with skills.. well heres my layout

Stats - enough str and dex for titans, vit all rest nrg base

skills - max charged strike max lightning fury max lightning bolt max lightning strike, enough in valk to get lvl 17 + skills, rest into power strike.

the above skills are what im aiming for, i have shako, titans, peace (shael thul amn) pdiamond'd ss sandstorm, dracs, natures peace, tgods, raven frost.



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Re: my javazon

Have you thought about lightning immunes...

Also I'd ditch the valk and get points in some skills that actuall kill stuff.

If you're not using razortail you will feel the lack of pierce, if you are using razortail then 7 in pierce after +skills (generally can be done with 1 base point) will get you better pierce than 20 in pierce without razortail will ever give.


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Re: my javazon

Keep the valk since you already have the 17 points there. She'll help to keep critters off of you and she'll rarely die. Pierce is a good suggestion, too. Put some future points there. What level are you and how many in pierce now?

What are your resists? Are they positive at all or in the red? That will make a difference in what people tell you about gear suggestions. Zon's don't need maxed resists but if they're in the red it really hurts when you get hit. Can you get a Treachery? Trade out the Peace for that. The Fade would probably solve your resist problems. You don't need the Valk on Peace if you've got 17 in Valk and oyu probably also don't need the + to skills since you're wearing TGods.

Here's some good info on pierce.