My incredibly ignorant and frustrating days encompassed all in this post


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So Ive been running a Crusader the past few months since my last one deeded and trying to finally get the AKKhans set completed so I can enjoy Crusder godliness... Ive been cursing Blizzard and the RNG gods forever sicne then because Ive spent hundreds of hours, thousands of SHards, and generally being annoyed with the game...

ALL because I cannot find AKKHANS BELT !!! yes the ever so elusive belt of Akkhans, that Ive gambled all my shards on forever to finally find out that this items DOES NOT EXIST !!!!

Ive always thought I knew this game inside and out, only to learn I am the NOOB and need to delete my account immediately.. I blame my job, my wife, and my kids for not allowing me to focus on Dominance of Sanctuary as I properly should be doing..

As a side note - I am on vacation for the next 10 days and my quest for the ever so elusive Akkhans set is now on.... I will have this set before my vacation is over.. SO Blizzard be warned, I am coming much like Winter is and I mean to have this set.. And if you do not listen then to Hell which you ... /conan voice off !!!!


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Hilarious, thanks for sharing :D I'm sure we've all had these OMG did I really just do that? moments.

PS +1 for Game of Thrones ref


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Kind of reminds me of when i finally figured out that your follower has a max of 150 on crit damage (actually not that long ago).


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The best part of being on vacation on maintenance Tuesday is the fact that I stayed up till 1am playing D3, and today after getting the kids off to school I did what needed to be done ---> that's right I took a 2.5 hour nap !!

And btw - Winter is still coming and I finally did complete the Akkhans set !!!

RAWR !!!