My Impression of D4 & Feedback on Removal of Attributes


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I loved the cinematic and the darker atmosphere & visuals of the gameplay. The graphics of the gameplay still looked similar to D3, but that's not really a bad thing.

However, my biggest disappointment of the Diablo 4 announcement is that they seem to have “simplified” things even further than they did in D3. (Actually for me it's a toss-up with being online-only and not even having a real single player mode, but I know the chances of that changing are worse than finding a dozen Zods back-to-back in D2.) To me, it feels like they are making a console game and porting it out for the PC instead of it being a complex/involved action Role Playing Game for the PC, like D1 & D2.

In one interview they were talking about the Attack & Defense stats, and a Developer said something like they didn't want us to have to “do the math”. Well then simply do the math for us in the background and show the Attack/Defense stats for comparison, but don't take out the core principles of the RPG Attributes just for the sake of simplification. They should expand on the Attribute system of D2, not totally remove any mention of them.

I know the D2 system wasn't perfect, but I think it can be improved/reworked to actually put back Role Playing in aRPG. The Talent trees are a good start towards that, but I don't think that by itself will give the feeling of actually creating a character that's YOURS. So, here are my thoughts on how an Attribute system could be implemented.

What I think should be done is to make certain aspects/properties to be primarily affected by Attributes (and character level, similar to how Dexterity affected attack rating & block in D2). Then limit the direct use of those properties on items to special cases, replacing them with Attributes instead. Each Attribute should affect both an offensive & defensive “Trait” that is meaningful, but not overpowered like “main stat” +damage & damage reduction is in D3. Here's one possibility I had in mind.

AttributesOffensive TraitsDefensive Traits
Primary%Chance to Hit %Chance to Dodge/Evade
Secondary %Chance of Critical Hit %Chance to Reduce damage by X%
Tertiary Reduced Resource Cost & Cooldowns Reduced Crowd Control Effects
Vitality Increased Attack/Cast Speed Increased Run/Walk Speed
The Primary/Secondary/Tertiary Attributes would be assigned differently for each class. For example, Barbarians could be Strength/Dexterity/Intelligence, but Sorceress would be Intelligence/Dexterity/Strength.

Other possibilities for Traits could be:
Offensive TraitsDefensive Traits
%Chance for X% Area Damage%Chance to Reflect X% Damage Taken
%Chance for X% Bleed for add'l Y sec.%Chance to reduce Bleed/DoT by X sec.
If “Chance to Hit” was brought back, it would mean the majority of attacks/skills would not have a 100% chance to hit (so like D2, not D3). In that case, I think any skill with a cooldown or high resource cost should have an increased chance to hit (based on frequency of usability), so as to not feel like we are “wasting” it.

An added benefit of this system would be to allow for random attributes to show up on items again (like in D2) and still be useful instead of “main stat” being mandatory as in D3. This would Make "of the Zodiac" Great Again, and should also help with itemization by adding more affixes/properties than just Attack/Defense on everything. Speaking of items, I think item requirements should make their way back as well. And I don't mean just Strength & Dexterity as in D2, but also Intelligence (like Magic was in D1) and possibly even Vitality for specially themed Legendary items.

Lastly, I think damage type & resistances should actually be differentiated like in D2 with monsters having resistances (but please no immunities in D4). I don't like the way it is in D3 with no real difference between damage types, other than to be boosted by single-type modifiers. Also, I noticed that all the D4 Barbarian skills were of Physical type. That should make it hard for them in PVP since opponents would just need to stack Physical Resistance. A workaround to help make single-damage-type characters viable (against monsters or PVP) could be to make staggered enemies and those under crowd control have their resistances reduced.

TLDR: Please don't dumb-down and oversimplify D4, Diablo should be a PC game first and foremost. As a step in that direction, add back Attributes & actually differentiate between damage types by reintroducing monster resistances (but not immunities).
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