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My impression of D3

Discussion in 'Diablo 3 General Discussion' started by xen, Aug 31, 2013.

  1. xen

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    Aug 31, 2008
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    I've just started playing Diablo 3. I got through the first Act. I can say this game feels modeled after current day WoW, not after D2 at all.

    First of all, the gear is boring. There seem to be no gear classes. What I mean is there are no subclasses. You can have "prefix Chain Boots postfix" but it doesn't mean anything. There are no strength or dex requirements anyway. Armor class could be different but I wouldn't know. Boots are just boots. Better boots are just better boots.

    Second, the stats are boring. There are 4 primary stats but you'll never need to invest in more than two, for the monk, this is dex and vitality. Strength and intelligence seem to be completely useless to me and if they're not, the game doesn't tell me.

    There are no level requirements to gems. I can buy a socketed weapon from AH and for 2k gold I can double its damage output.

    The attitude players have is the same as in WoW. Modern day WoW. I was in a party with some guy who wanted to help me. He knew it was my first time playing the game. He knew I was interested in the lore and the quests. The way he decided to help me was to start a Monster Power level 10 game and then logged a character that had insane ruby gems on his weapon so he just one shot everything while I tagged along not being able to kill anything.

    When it came to quest dialogue, he was skipping through everything. I said "don't do that" and he said "oh sorry. Why do you want to read it. Achievements?" The guy just couldn't fathom that I just wanted to hear the story. No, he assumed I was interested in achievements that, like in WoW, just don't mean anything. It's a way to turn something meaningless into something that on the surface seems to have some meaning to it. This just emphasizes how meaningless the game is beneath that surface. Shallow.

    When you listen to general chat, you quickly discover that most players are just bored to their skulls with the game and are just dying for the expansion to come out. Like in WoW, they're playing a game that they're bored with and that has been designed as a dairy cow to milk players with.

    Playing the game just makes me bad-tempered and irritable and then when you're AFK you have your (worthless) mercenary tell you that they're bored with you which is completely out of character for some of them - apparently the game itself has degraded to the level of its players. Bored and boring.

    I'll be glad when I have finished all acts just so I can my money's worth out of it. I'm not sure if I should though - I'm not exactly pleasant company when I play...

    I guess it's getting better. I'm steamrolling through the levels with monster level 6 and all those gems I have. My follower actually does some damage too with a gemmed staff. Maybe I should have chosen to play without the AH.
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