My Holy Fire Confession

Rigel Kent

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My Holy Fire Confession

Forgive me, Blizzard, for I have sinned.

I've taken a miserable skill you specifically designed to be inferior, and made it the foundation of a 1.10 Hell viable character.

Holy Fire does less damage than even Holy Freeze, and suffers even more from plentiful fire immune monsters. Holy Shock has an even bigger edge: the highest average damage of the three, and a great big lack of lightning immunes on pit runs.

How, then, did I dare invest so heavily in such an underdog skill? How could I possibly use Holy Fire on its own merits-- and not merely as a pale shadow of its worthy skill tree dependents?

The question puzzled me. Just as I was about to reject this path into sin, a demon came to me and furthered my corruption.

A Demon Machine, to be precise. How it tempted me! Its promises of piercing, explosive bolts, each doubly empowered by added fire damage, stirred my soul. Added to each explosive burst, as well as added to each successful bolt strike, as usual. I had researched new secrets, and knew its Exploding Arrows would ensure such strikes occur often. +632 AR plus +65% hidden AR (from the inherent Amazon skill) plus an additional secret +5% AR from each of my Blessed Aim skill levels-- these have proven to be more than enough to mow down those who stand against me.

And so I set out upon my path to sin, accumulating the trappings of demonic influence all along the way. A belt of razors made my fiery bolts always pierce. Lava spouting gauntlets sped my attack to 11 frames, while casting enchantments upon me, granting me +101% AR for six minutes at a time. Gore-encrusted boots enhanced my bolts even more.

I slaved for the machine night and day. It demanded circlets, amulets, charms all attuned to offensive auras. It would not let me rest until I bejeweled it with rainbow-faceted riches. It envied my second bow so! Soon I found I was relying upon the other bow's witchwild string only against foes the machine was powerless against.

Now, at level 76, with 276 Dex, and 18 points invested in my Aim, the demonic implements give me up to 7325 AR (+65% of that is hidden within the exploding bolts' amazon magic); few of my brother rangers can match such marksmanship. And the damage-- 1200 on each bolt, 1000 in each burst-- is perhaps not astounding, but it is rapid, and easily able to affect many, many foes all at once.

But at what cost? My aura causes only destruction, no use to those who dare ally with one so wretched. And I am left defenseless against any foe who survives long enough to strike me down-- no shield with which to defend against blows, no wards with which to resist elemental magics. I have no wealth left to me to afford such defenses.

Perhaps... perhaps such was the machine's intent all along...


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:clap: That is a great piece of writing :worship:

You could take a Facet out of the X-bow and put in a nef


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A lover of unique builds, I have been searching for a way to use a Holy Fire paladin successfully for a long time... for some reason it never hit me to do it with a bow! Thats really awesome man.