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My Hello

Hello everyone,

Mornin' my name is Ian, I'm 25 and a paramedic. I currently live in Indianapolis, Indiana. I thought since I have been lurking these boards for a while I should introduce myself. First off, if I ever come across as synical or rude with the things I say, I'm very sorry. Being a paramedic has strangely warped my sense of humor. I will try to behave.

I play single player, non ladder(yet, am hoping to start today, and that is part of why i'm posting), because for a while, in 1.09, I played with a close knit group of friends known as OG. Anyone who participated in the barbarian forum during this time knows OG as a legit dueling/gaming group of guys that helped overly popularize the thrower build in 1.09 (Phreek being the one who mainly pushed it along). I've noticed that the entire SPF is sort of like my old group of friends. And now that I have lost my cable internet, and all my goodies, I've reverted to single player. I find it alot more enjoyable than the constant pk attemps and idiotic combat of words on I played since 1.05. And now would much rather find a group of friends on single player who have an idea as to whats going on, and can accually carry a conversation. :)

Anyways, on to my question. I understand the premise of ladder, but want to know, if there is a HC ladder community. Do most play SC? Are there many MP games? Is trading avialiable legitly? Sorry this was rather lengthy, I just kinda run on with words(all those years of writing reports).



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Hi, welcome and enjoy your stay with us :)

First, yes there is a HC ladder in SPF
Second, I am not sure, but I play sc only...(I am loser :D)
Third, I think there is a number of MP, but not really much.
Fouth, trading is legitly as long the item you use for trade is legit(mean no dupe, hack, using drop mod to get)

Last, you will find a lots of fun while staying with us!


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Welcome! :)

Yes, there's a thriving HC ladder community (check out the current HC Ladder thread - I'd refer you to the previous 3 as well, but they got eaten in a forum crash...). A good chunk of people here play SC as well.

For MP games, check out the stickied thread (there's usually some going on). Trading is possible too, and you might want to check out Borlag's Trading FAQ (linked in the FAQ sticky) for more info on that.


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Yeah, welcome to the Single Forum Player :teeth:

Enjoy your stay, read the FAQ, drink at the EMB or anywhere you like and beware of wild animals!


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welcome to the SPF !
In more I can say all the tourney are HC. And some like me play only the tourneys :bonk:

Here we have an official pk thread, so if you want pk, you have just to ast who want to pk you !

Here we have an official echange thread, anyway if you want 100 zod rune for testing, take me a private msg, I have cheap prices.

Here we have an official ladder, SP and HC , but you can't say "I'm 99" you must say before, i'm 1 and after 10 and after 20 etc....

and the top of the top , you have me :innocent:


Hi and welcome. Normally there is a lot of multiplayer activity here (TCP/IP). There are the ladders (both HC and SC). Every kind of cheating/hacking is frowned upon. People usually trade only legit items here, we don't need hacks, if one is doing it on his on comp, it is ok anyways, just do not try to trade Zod runes here.

People play both SC and HC, I enjoy HC more, but SC also has its merit. In most of the tourneys MP games are banned, but not on the ladders. In the last few weeks, hardcore games become more common.

PK does not exist here, first it has no effect in SC, second if you backup your char, it has no effect in HC either.

Several days ago, someone started a duelling thread, do not realy seem to get going, but we'll see.

Enjoy your stay here.


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Welcome to the SPF the most friendly and gentle forum for you to gather knowledge and spread violent murder through the horde of hell.

Woot, a paramedic! Now we shall not fear the esporadic strikes of the Squid!

I guess you already know, but read the FAQs, get ATMA, join tourneys, ascend the ladders, and enjoy wasting a formidable time around SPF.


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Hi and welcome to the forums :)

Warped sense of humor? Join the club :D

There's both SC and HC ladders and currently the HC one is the more popular one. The HC one was started on 24th december and has around 200 characters listed, the SC one has slightly over 50 and was started early on january.

MP games are listed in the "Weekly MP games thread" and I'm sure you'll find someone to play with, I know I have.

As for the trading, we do everything we can to keep it legit, so I should hope so. For more information about SP trading, I suggest you read the SPF FAQ and it's trading FAQ section, the same FAQ also has a list of all builds/guides suitable for SP gaming. (shameless self advertising here :lol: )


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Welcome to the SPF Lotek!

have a pleasant stay and hope to meet you in some MP action.



Dave in the basement

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Welcome Ian/Lotek!

Yet another Hoosier has joined us…soon we will rule the SPF…muwaaaahaaaaahaaaaaa!

/evil tirade

Have fun, and do try to keep us updated in the daily thread every now and then. Happy hunting!

Dave :D


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Welcome to the bestest forum on the net!

Glad to see you decided to quit and come to this place instead.

May your stay be a long and pleasant one.


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Ya Dave! Go hoosiers, loved that win over Purdue(wife went to purdue). Anyways, thanks for such a warm welcome guys. I hope to be writing a small guide on how to truely benifit from SPF Multiplayer games. The idea of true teamwork, how items should be given, how charcters should be played different in a MP game. It seems theres not enough interest in this HUGE ability we have to play together. I know some people love to play alone, after all it is a SPF, but maybe some will want to play together too.



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Welcome to the SPF! Since you're a paramedic you may already understand the problems addicts have. We are hopelessly addicted to D2 and hope to begin our recovery someday. Just not anytime soon!