My hammerdin/guide


My hammerdin/guide

First thing i saw when i did look at this forum was a smite pala, other was FoH pala, last was zeal, i did not se any hammerdin's guides.
Well i gonna give u little information about my hammerdin,

2: Stats
It was an fast intro,
then we start.
Strenght:I would say basic, becuse this hammerdin gonna use engima bp, but if u dont have engima bp u can give it little strenght to viper,
Dex:Little dex not much about 50+ becuse u only need 50 % this pala need more life then block
Vit: All here
Ene: Nothing,

3: Skills
We need to take all preskills and it will be 5 skills
Blessed aim:20
Blessed hammer:20
Redemption:1 this we need for life sometimes, and if some other pala is in the same party
Holyshield: FFS MAX THIS 20

Best thing with this guide;)
The best helm would be Shako if u can't afford it then sazabi's helmet with 1 all skill or war hat with 1 all skill + energy and vita,
Armor: Engima bp, if u can't afford it then viper or something low str req with an all skill
Weapon1: Best would be Suciude if u can't afford it Wizardspike then both got 50 fcr
Weapon2: Switch to cta(if u can't afford it use ondals for exping)
Shield1:Zakarum, this guide need Zakarum
Shield2:Spirit or lidless
Rings:u need 1 fcr ring 10 fcr and 1 raven,
Amulet:Maras or rare/crafted with 5fcr + all resis
Belt:Arach if u can't afford it then string or Thundergod's
Golves: Magefist upg, if u can't afford to upg then only Magefist
Boots:War-travler, Waterwalk, or this with 10 all resis green one don't remeber name:S

80% fcr will give u 10 frames...
And all eq will give u 10 skills


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btw chaeck the sticky with paladin guides I think there are atleast 2 hammerdin guides...



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koeraokse said:
btw chaeck the sticky with paladin guides I think there are atleast 2 hammerdin guides...

yea check the sticky and its pretty short wouldnt really call it a guide. maybe give it some facts about hammers and write your own opinion.


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hi! welcome to the forums and great way to start contributing! :thumbsup:

However, your guide is somewhat short and simple. It only gives what stats, gear, and skills you need. You might want to include strategies for pvm and pvp. Also check the pally guide thread. There's already 2 hammerdin guides there.


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I builded my first Hammerdin based on this guide last night and here i'm now:

Lvl 50 hamm dmg around 2k
- szasbi helm (found it on a mule)
- rare ammy fcr + mana (got a seraph and a highlord on my stash waiting)
- vipermagi (low ed 170, got it cheap :D, cant affort enigma so maybe upp this?)
- Ravenfrost 230/20
- rare fcr w some other mods
- sanders wand (got a wiz spike on my stash)
- mage fists
- zakarum
- waterwalks ( got some rares w fcr and fast run mode and +2 vigor, dunno wich to use)
- gloom belt

well i had trouble with the aiming with hammers but now i think i got it :) all i hafta say that hammerdins rocks! easy killing with them..
this equipment is really cheap since i used like leftovers and stuff i would sell for pgs!

should i upp the viper coz i got str for zaka and that will do for the upped viper too i think..


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I sticky members Guides up, so members can help the poster with their Guide. I see this as a good idea so they may learn from the members who like to give their own advice.
Nothing wrong with helping new members