My goodbye thread and giveaway


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My goodbye thread and giveaway

Yes, I am going to stop playing this game. I have been playing for more than a year now, and I am certain I have gotten every penny worth of what I spent, if you consider tons of time wasted in front of my computer, and lost sleep to be a good thing. Anyways I am also going to stop visiting this forum for the most part also. I just had an epiphany when I realized that I am an adult and I really shouldn't be wasting my life with silly stuff like video games. I am want to give away all of the cool items I have accumulated, and if anyone wants them, a few of my characters. After all of this is done, I am going to uninstall this game and smash the CD's.

Anyways, I also wanted to say thanks to everyone here at the SPF, I am going to miss you guys, you have all been so nice and kind. But I have to move on to bigger and better things, I hope you won't miss me too much! Also, I'd like to quote an Yngwie Malmsteen song: "Surrounded by women, wine and song." That had no relevance but it is a cool line. :D

Anyways enough with the melodramatic crap and on to the giveaway. Well, I don't want to clutter up the board, so check out the giveaway thread.

Again, thanks, and goodbye. :D


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I just got here and people are leaving :(

perhaps you can do what I did a find a Swedish woman who is also addicted to DII (I mention Sweden because Yngvie is Swedish as she often points out to me)

anyway, have a great rest of your life :howdy:


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Really sorry to see you go. Come back and visit us, you will not be forgotten, and will always have a cold one waiting at the EMB.

Cheers :drink: :howdy:


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Be careful out there. I hear it can be a cold and dangerous place.

Never visited RL myself, didn't like the descriptions I heard. I'm also fighting the inevitable onset of adulthood. I'm only 40. I'm too young to be an adult.

Best of luck to you.


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It's sad to see you go. You've been a classy and respectful in the time that i've been here. Best of luck in whatever you pursue in life. :)



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Sad to see you go. Good luck with your RL and all.

If you ever feel coming back you know your very welcome.


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It seems like not too long ago I was giving away stuff to you Yngwie. *sniffle* Good luck in your future endeavors. It's very admirable what you're doing. I only wish I could muster the willpower to quit gaming. Some day...


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Good luck and Farewell, Yngwie. I hope you enjoy whatever roads your new outlook on life takes you too :)

Dont forget us, and stop in from time to time to remind us your still alive ;)


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Best wishes with you real life dude. I basically just arrived, but it is already hard to see people leave.


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I don't really know you Yngwie, but I am sorry to see anyone from my favorite forum going away. I wish you the best!