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Hello all
I've been playing from the beginning of this ladder so here are some items I dont ned, all are free but I will limit everyone's pick to 2 items per person:

Silkweave boots: +175ed
Thundergod's Vigor: +162ed
Dwarf star ring mdr12
Atma's scarab
Goldwrap +42ed, +67eg; +44ed, +55eg
Jajal's: +182ed
Rainbow facet:+3-4 cold
Samdstrom treks:+144ed, +10str, +11vit, pr57%
Chance guards: +20ed, +35mf

I prefer muletrade, pick your items and message me details of mule.

I am building a gold find barb and I am searching for 2x6os crystal swords, so if any1 have it pls let me know and price

Regards, Argonath
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I could use the thundergod's for my javazone. I will message you mule account details.

EDIT: Thanks! :)
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@ skullvomit, I found 2x6os Cs's so I am no longer searching for them, but thx for keeping and eye out

Regards, Argonath