My future baal runner - LF Zon

Klæmint Vágadal

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My future baal runner - LF Zon

I was doing a pup baal run the other day and there was a Ama who was really dominant, I dont know what spell she used, but it owned anything in sight:shocked: Guess it was LF or LS..Nvm..

I was thinking about making a FAST baal runner with decent MF%, so ama comes to mind.


Shako Ptopazed
Titans / Gull
Spirit / Splendor
Chance Guards
War Traveler
Amu with +skills and/or Resist

Merc with Infinity, Shafts and Andy Face.

And I was thinking about doing a kind of trick. I never get the Baal quest, and just do pub baal runs and kill him where the host already has the quest, would I that way always get the first kill drop? I think it works on Mephisto.

Is this an effective baal runner? And where would I put my skils?


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LF kills crowds, CS kills bosses.

Your setup is not bad in the mf department but you can use more damage. If ye rich, stack up on the Anni and Zon torch since that gives you more damage, making runs more efficient. You can afford infinity anyway so anni and torch should be no biggie. :grin: Resist also count so you don't get wasted by those gloams so resist charms are in order as well.


20 LF
20 CS
20 LS
Depending on +skill setup, a lvl17 valk can't hurt either.
Get enough Pierce, 71% should be enough but more is better or even better, sacrifice the tgods for razortail, this would make the LF into a superb crowd slayer. AR and Crit strikes do not matter with Javazons so don't worry too much.

That provides more than enough damage to kill almost anything. If you are really anal, you can add more into the LF synergies. Not like it really matters anyway aside from giving you more damage for CS.

Also be sure to get a Holy freeze merc. LF works best in big big groups.

Klæmint Vágadal

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Oh yeah, I forgot the Torch, and maybe Anni :smiley:

I was thinking about getting max Lres from either charms or gems.

If i only need 60 points to complete this build, I might as well get a decent Valkyre?

And as for stats, would I go the max block way or vita way?


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Klæmint Vágadal said:
Ok, vita it is then.

But can I have Gull on switch for the final blow? Doses it work to cast CS with a Gull Dagger?
You gotta have a spear or Javelin for the CS to work. BUT you can switch to the Gull and let your merc have the last hit for the kill. I do it all the time.

Klæmint Vágadal

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WrongdayJ: Ok, I thought about that too. As for teleing, dosent she have low FCR with the current gear and makes teleing really slow?

No comments on the Baal quest trick?


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Klæmint Vágadal said:
WrongdayJ: Ok, I thought about that too. As for teleing, dosent she have low FCR with the current gear and makes teleing really slow?
zon fcr bps are:

18 7
17 14
16 22
15 32
14 48
13 68
12 99
11 152

now as you see, the last two bp's are going to be difficult to reach, but it really depends on how you build your zon
one way is if you're going to have cta on switch, then you're limited to main fcr:
- griffon's 25%
- spirit 35% (perf)
- 1x ring w/10%fcr

second way is to use wizzy+spirit on switch for teleporting, that way you have:
- griff 25%
- spirit 35%
- wizzy 50% / hoto 40%
110/100 fcr

there are also possibilities that involve using fcr amulets (rare/crafted)

Klæmint Vágadal

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I wont be using Griffons, so I guess I will go with Wizzy and Spirit for teleing, that way I will have nice resist too :) Kinda sux though, since I wanted a Gull + Splendor on switch :/