my from-scratch [L] hammerdin is getting worked in hell if

acceleration turkey

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my from-scratch [L] hammerdin is getting worked in hell

hey, i am a barb class enthusiast but this is my first ladder character so i wanted to make something that could finish the game with no given equipment and serve as a magic find character for my barb (which is up and coming at level 65).

right now:

level 82

5k hammer damage
1500 hp
52/56/75/39 resists
1000 defense with holy shield on :lol:
50% block
10% damage reduction
max magic find: little under 400%


25% res all amulet

rare resist/stat/MF rings (not very good)

rare fire resist/MF boots

tals belt

smoke armor

topaz shako

spirit sword and shield

on weapon swith:

ali baba

have skullders in inventory and i switch it on and off.

i am very happy with the kill speed of the character as i am used to the barb class which is the only class without a mass-damage skill (unless you could warcry), and so killing is not a problem. most enemies die in 2 hammers or so.

however, monsters are ripping me up. countess runs are extremely difficult. the rogue archer packs are devastating and ive begun to use charge + vigor to avoid them entirely (move past). likewise, hell meph is trouble because i can hardly survive 2 or 3 flayers before i am in big trouble. a little lag and one hammer can mean half a dozen death explosions, which means death.

i know that part of the problem is my defense. its low. and my block isnt that high at 50%. but i know that a lot of the things which are dangerous to me have non-physical attacks, but my resists look ok. i have over 360 vitality already so i cant really hope to have more hp than i already have.

should i go for max resists?
more defense?
more dex for block?
get a verdungos or string for damage reduction?

i think a large part of the problem could be fixed by making spirit in an elite paladin shield. right now i am still using the spirit i made in normal diff, so if i actually made it in a decent base i would have a lot more defense and probably better blocking too.

i also have about 6 skill points saved. conc, hammer, and vigor are maxed. belssed aim has a few points, holy shield has one point. should i stick the points in holy shield or blessed aim? or something else?

thanks for the help.

foh pally

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5k hammers seems a lil low to me but if you happy with the killing speed tehn go ahead and pump up holyshield, and as long as you have atleast 50 resist all you should be fine.


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I would definately shoot for max resists in hell. It made all the difference in my survivability. I'd say a P-diamond HoZ is much better than the spirit shield. (not all that easy to get on ladder i know)

Also your cast rate can't be very high. Faster hammers do a lot to keep you alive.

I wouldn't put too many points in holy shield until you max your hammer damage although max block is very important imho.

You could definately stand to give up a little MF although my godly NL hammerdin was decked out in MF gear and never died ( I did use T-gods though for stupid gloams ).

hope that helps