My First WW Barb


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My First WW Barb

As the title says, this will be my 1st WW Barb, I have made Frenzy and Conc. Barbs, but never took the time to try a WW till now.

I am totally untwinked. I even went so far as to put one point into Axe, Mace, and Sword Masteries right off the bat so I can basically pick up whatever I find good. I will Max WW, Shout, and BO before I max a mastery to give me time to decide on final weapons.

So, what are some good (CHEAP!) gear choices? I dont have much to trade for, as I am basically starting new (dumped a lot of gear to wife for her chars, lol). I figure general melee stats. Should I worry about block? I will be primarily PvM, maybe a lil PvP if I get good gear.

Thanks ahead of time. I feel like such a noob :embarassed:


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TrinityPower said:
I feel like such a noob :embarassed:
Sup, we all been there, no worries n' no need for that attitude :p

one thing to do is to choose one weapon mastery to stick with and get to 20 and leave the rest blank.. you'll want to save all the skill points you can, every points gonna count

Some "cheaper" weapons would probably just be something either with high
end dmg you could eventually buy in the shop if you kept refreshing the map ("Cruel" weapons), or most unique elites, since the high-ended usuaully only aim for expensive runewords these days.. heres a few names for quick reference, the items I name off the bat should be easier to get:

Doombringer champion sword or Flamebellow balrog blade
list of All unique elite swords
IK Maul (Green set item ogre maul)
list of unique elite maces
Hellslayer Decapitator
list of All unique elite axe's

and of course, only worry about the block if you're using 1h/shield, if 2h's turn ya on, don't sweat the effort :)

this stuff should work nice to start ya out at the higher lvls.