My first uber


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My first uber

Ok, so my sorc FINALLY popped all three keys and I am about to attemp my first uber. I know I should wait till I have three key sets, but I wanna see if I can do it to begin with. I have two questions
1) Is there a way to predict which of the first three ubers you will open when you cube the keys? I remember reading something somewhere about it depending on where you stand in act 5

2) Can you all give me some tips on killing ubers with a hammerdin? I do not have arachnid or enigma, but still do 9k damage and have somewhere around 100fcr. Should I take my sub geared smiter instead? He only smites at 1k, but has 65% CB and a 5k zeal with tons of leach.
I would love to hear your thoughts,

Eilo Rytyj

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1) I don't think so, if there is (I do remember reading about it though), don't rely on it to determine what organ you want.

Safest bet: collect all 9 keys before starting anything. That's 3 of each key. Then gather the organs in the one game. That way you wont end up with 2 of the same organ by mistake.

2) Here's a tip: You can't kill the ubers with Hammers. A Hammerdin can run the mini-ubers to a certain extent, but Hammers just don't deal enough damage for the real thing.

Use your Smiter, but make sure he has:

(I) Stacked resists. At least 40% above max in Hell difficulty. Treachery's Fade prebuff is great for your first time around if your resists aren't exactly up to scratch. Then use Salvation as your aura against Mephisto, even with Fade.
(II) A Renewable Life Tap source. Either from Dracul's Grasp or a Life Tap wand/knife are the cheapest ways. You MUST have the uber Life Tapped if you're not sure on what you're doing the first time around.
(III) Did I mention stacked resists?
(IV) Crushing Blow. You've got 65%, 50%+ is fine for a speedy run.
(V) Watch a video or two (on YouTube or somewhere) and see how it's done safely and properly. You can't just go charging headlong into Tristram, you'll die within seconds, even with godly gear. "Waking" them up individually is the key to doing it and not dying.


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Take the advice to get all three keysets, otherwise you might eventually end up with five spare Mephisto brains in your stash like me.


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However if you spawn in the map w/ Tyrael. (where its all firey and stuff). Make sure you are very careful with your smiter as OKs spawn there which can IM your smiter and IM = DEATH.


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However if you spawn in the map w/ Tyrael.
It's Izual, Tyrael is the good guy. As for Iron Maiden, I brought in my barbarian and berserked the Oblivion Knights, but charging OK helps drop them before they cast IM on you, and if you do get cursed, a point into cleansing and using it here works wonders.