My first two hardcore characters...


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My first two hardcore characters...

...dead. First built a necro to level 26, then got a enchant sorc to 18.

Sorc died to duriel, and my necro was a victim of a tppker. Was kind of my fault anyways because i knew the guy was a tppker. First time i met him was in a trist run game, and it was kind of fishy that he was a higher level than me, and an amazon. He shot of some guided arrows, then opened at tp. I quickly entered the tp, and called him a B****. He acted dumbfounded.

A came across the same character later in an enchant game, where while doing a chaos run with all my skellys enchanted, he kept following me around. Shouldve knew something was up. I saw him open a tp, and before i knew it, i was dead.

I was angry for a while, and shouted a few curse words at him, but then i just said "well thats hardcore"

I think ill rebuild my necro and start over again, a little more careful and cautious this time.


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Re: My first two hardcore characters...

Well that's hardcore, learning from mistakes and trying to avoid that in future. Though it should have been obvious to avoid that TPPKer, especially when you knew he was one.
I've been TPPKed 5 times in normal public games, so that's enough public for me (soloing now mostly). But always keep making new characters and avoiding the mistakes you did, eventually you'll get far.

Also, if possible, join a channel like xBananax or Gauss, depending on your location. I joined Gauss, and things have been easier since then.