My first trapper


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My first trapper

I'm currently building my first trapper here are my plans so far


hoto flail
enigma dusk shroud
5/5facet griffon eye
sandstorm trek
on second weapon switch i have a cta and spirit ward allowing me to use bos and fade at same time

those are items im planning on using please tell me what gloves i should use and anything better than im using there

72 strength
starting dex
vitality varies
energy varies

those are stats im planning on getting i need to know how much energy a trapper needs

+1 claw mastery
+1 bos
+1fire blast
+20 shock web
+20 charge bolt sentry
+20 lit sentry
+20 death sentry

those are my current skill plans i need to know where i should use my other skills,and a good way to take care of lit immunes


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Nice items you got there... anyway... i think if you only focus on light. attacks, when come to light. immunes, you will have some trouble.. especially in hell.. where their HP is humongous..

My trapper currently lvl 80.. C/S sin and she's doing quite well..
Currently skill points,

others are 1...

Now i'm increasing my SM.. need sum tank :)

My equip:
+3trap claw
+68resist shield
+3trap amu
+20dex raven
+Rare circlet (+2skill asa) + resist (all+18)
+rare sharkskin belt (high LIght and Fire ress, with +life and FHR)
+20IAS glove with FR and CR (15% and 21%) and 14%mf
+20FR boots with +5dex, Light and COld resist and 16%mf
+Lionheart armor (I love the mods)
and some resist charms, life and shadow skill charms.

Life is about 1.4k and mana is about 600-ish..

But from what you have listed, your equip is much much better than mine.. :D

LS dmg is about 2.5 or 2.8k (if i'm not wrong)
FB is about 1.2k-1.3k..
i will check the dmg again.. to make sure.. but it's ranged about there... and she kills quite fast as well.. But sumtime she still got mana problem.. since her base mana is low :p.. but overall .. just drink pot and yu'll be sweet :thumbsup:

so yah.. this is my sin.. she deal quite good dmg.. still sometime take quite sum time to kill the immune light. monsters.. since my fire dmg is not that great.. but overall.. it's OK.. :D


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weapon set I
weapon set II
4bo cta,etheral spirit ward
enigma dusk shroud
19/12griffon eye with 5/4litfacet
+1 shadow disciples shadow dancers
rings ammy
2x sojs 29% maras
upgraded tgods
2x trap/24life gcs 3xtrap gcs 2x 34life gcs 1/15/15/10 anni,7x 5allres/5run walk small charms 21% gheeds


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The game considers Traps minions(like Skeletons), so, since the -% Enemy Resistance and +% Skill Damage isn't on the Trap itself, it doesn't count. Yes, this would mean the +Lightning Skill Damage and -% Lightning Resistance on your Griffon's Eye does not work.

Go for one of the elite unique +2 skills helms instead(eg. Harelquin Crest).


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Facet dont work?

What about socketing a claw weapon with a lighting facet, will that work or should it be a ias jewel.



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well i tryed ormus robe with my trap sin and i think it does increase my damage but i am not sure ....


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ive did some testing with lightning facets although it considers traps as minions the traps are still considered a lightning skill and it does say that the damage is raised although im not quite sure if it's actually raised but it says it is in the characters stats screen when i switch from my clean bartuc to facet bartuc