My First SP Patriarch SoulSyphon


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My First SP Patriarch SoulSyphon

Well it took me a good six months to finally get Patted...but my first Necro was a great way to start off in SP..
Heres Stats and Equipment:
with MF setup.(This was my setup through most of Hell...did have quite a time with the Ancients...and had to be very careful of gloams in WSK)

Max RS
Max SM
Max CE
1 pt in all curses
rest in Revives and bone spirit

Great Helm 3-ptopz
Wiz spikie
Mosers w/ 2-pdia
40mf chancies
29mf nagel
rare fcr 12mf ring
30mf ammy

On switch
Blade of ali baba w/ 2/mf jewels
rhyme grim shield

A2 might merc
Insight giant thresher
Guillaume face

I admit it seemed to take forever, but I did ALOT of MF along the way....trying to build up a stash for other characters. Some of the better finds were:
2x duriels
2x gore boots
death cleaver
and the usual assortment of tal, IK, aldurs, Griz stuff
My pride and joy, however, was the first set of Hell Meph runs and he drops
"Azurewrath" phase blade
LVL 13 Sanctuary Aura
1 to all skills
30% IAS
243% ED (no complaints...)
250-500 MD
250-500 CD
9 to all Attributes
3 to Light Radius

I saw gold phase blade and thought..another lightsabre...didnt ID until back in town, and then had to explain to my wife why I was high fivin her..." a what??? a diablo sword???, Azurewhat???"...D2 bliss I say...
Any Ideas on a good build for this sword??? I was thinking fury wolf druid??? fanat zealler pally???


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Good work! I must admit, I never really had the patience for summoners.

I also dig the name.


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Congrats on the Pat, the first one is always the most memorable.

Nice find with the Azurewrath, never had one myself so couldn't say what build would be best. A Paladin comes to mind, but which one is anyone's guess.


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Concerning Azurewrath character wearing it simply must be a Paladin! :) How about a Tesladin? Dual auras sparkle together to introduce the power of holy light to bad guys... something like that. :)

... or you can gib! :)


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nice 1 :D, kick *** name i mite steel it :p. as for the azzure stick a shael in it before you do anything else with it. then maybe stick it on a fury wolf. (mines on a pvp wolf barb)


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Cool!!! Thanks all!!....
@Faceless..SoulSyphon was 87... I know...took long enough:rolleyes:...Hes good MF'r, though...I'll keep running him for awhile I think.
@Domac...I'll give you "AzureLaugh"
+3 to all Humor
+2 to Pranks
+342% Enhanced Attitude
5 to Fart Radius
level 5 cloak of wit

@DeadDave...Yep, was thinkin bout that wolf.....what do you think of the name SteelFang ....sounds pretty mean, Huh??!!