My first SP Mat!


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My first SP Mat!

Hey, most of you probably don't know me. I play almost exclusively. I've made several single player characters over the years, but they only got as far as act 3 nm generally before I hopped back online or made a new character. I've made hundreds of characters, done all sorts of things, but never completed the game completely alone with no help and no trading.

I didn't want to make something easy, either. I chose a power strike/charged strike and plague javelin javazon. I've made javazons before but they have all used titan's and lightning fury. I've also made lightning spearzons. This would be a bit different, and hopefully challenging untwinked.

I didn't have any trouble with normal or nightmare, I played them at /players 8 the entire time. Hell was a different story, at /players 1 I found myself playing quite carefully. My resists were terrible. My one point valk died faster than I could cast it, not to mention blocking out my plague javelin for a long time. I discovered the joy of the decoy, something I'd never taken a second look at before.

I slowly ground my way to act 4. I found a very nice cruel hyperion javelin of quickness for my weapon switch for the lightning immunes. Too bad I didn't have the strength to wear it. Act 4 was very hard. All the elemental attacks really hurt me, with all negative resists. I didn't know what to do. And then I found a shael rune and made a rhyme. It really helped out a lot.

I eventually got to the ancients. I had been worrying about this for a long time. There was no way my merc could survive, and he supplied me with defiance. I had to respawn them several times to get only one lightning immune. After lots of strategic decoy placing I managed to kill the two non-immunes with no mana pots left. Just madawc left. It took a whole lot of plague javs and almost the last of my health pots, but I eventually managed to kill him too.

I get to the throne without meeting any gloams (poison and lightning immune, huge damage on my frail character not a good combo). But what's this? There's a unique pack of them in the room with baal. My merc dies and I'm out of cash so I head to the cold plains to scare up some cash, thinking how nice a Duriel's Shell would be. An ethereal spectral shard drops. And then a Duriel's Shell drops. This thing is totally awesome, I have decent resists in everything now.

I get through the gloams, and get to the 4th wave. These things are poison immune, and they cluster, meaning I have to stand in 5+ infernos and lightning strike. Not going to work. I managed to get them out of the room. Lister is overwhelming me too. All that stunning and my poor FHR. Somehow I lure them out too, and avoid alarming the act 4 guys back there too.

Baal takes a while but isn't too hard.
My second hellplague, whopee. The rares aren't even worth selling.

All in all it was pretty fun, although some places with mixed poison and lightning immunes were a huge pain. I'm thinking about making an orb/hydra sorc next.


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Congrats on your first SP Mat!
The orb/hydra sorc will be SP or will you be going back to

but they only got as far as act 3 nm generally before I hopped back online or made a new character
:) How did you find facing hell all alone? :)

Again, congrats and goodluck with your orb/hydra. Let us know how she goes. :thumbsup:


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Congrats! Good luck with the Hydra/Orb sorc, one of my first Guardians was one of those, apart from a few situations I basically played her as an underpowered Meteorb! My Guardian thread should be around somewhere if you are interested, let us know how she turns out :smiley:



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Stay here! You seem like a good guy that knows what he is doing, it's always nice to see a first Mat/Pat. Especially from a B.Net player!


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Hello Merick, good to see you drifting into here. Well done with your Mat. First of many SP ones, I hope. Pop into the bar and have a drink on me.