My first sorceress


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My first sorceress

Hey everyone!

I just started playing again awhile back ago. I played about three years ago around 1.7/1.8 but lost track of my CD-key when I moved to Japan. I picked up a new copy about a month ago and have playing since then. Before I left off I was playing a sorceress who used meteor and blizzard as primary attacks. My biggest problem playing Diablo is focus as I always try to have my cake and eat it too, so I opted for an arch-mage type as my comeback character. This is where she is at now. Any suggestions would be much appreciated as the farthest I`ve ever gotten in this game at any time is Act I nightmare. Thanks!

Maerone level 36 (Act 5 / normal - single-player)

Str: 75
Vit: 47
Dex: **
En: 50


Firebolt, Fireball, Warmth, Enchant, Fire Mastery - 1 (3)
Hydra - 3 (5)

Ice bolt, Ice blast, Glacial Spike, Frost Nova, Cold Mastery - 1 (2)
Blizzard - 8 (9)

Charged bolt, Telekinesis, Teleport, Thunderstorm, Lightning Mastery - 1 (2)
Lightning - 5 (6)
Charged lightning - 6 (7)


[note: most of these items I`ve found myself. I`m extremely poor when it comes to equipment though I did receive some great items from the single-player forum giveaway awhile back]

Biggin`s Bonnet
Spectral Shard (giveaway) / +2 Shiver armor staff (switch)
Viscerataunt (giveaway - +1 sorcerer skills)
Serpent`s Amulet of Warding (+20 mana / magic damage red. 1)
Breast Plate (rune word: Stealth)
Fiend Buckle (belt - +9 life/ +10 mana, 10% fire. 10% poison, poison len. 25%)
Magefist (giveaway - +1 fire skills)
Manald Heal x 2 (1 giveaway/ 1 Mephisto)
Bramble Stalker (boots - + 14% def, Cold 13%, Poison 15%, 10% Faster Run Walk)

I have a +1 cold skill amulet as well but am afraid to use it because I keep running low on mana. Potions drop pretty frequently but it`s still a pain.

I`m using an act II defiance mercenary who is packing these items:

Great Crown (+10 life, Fire 25%)
Eagle Scourge (Pole-axe 22-47; 23% damage, Fire 10%, +1/ 2 sec. Prevent Monster Heal, 4% mana leech)
Death Mantle (Plate Mail - def. 167; +5 Str., +19 life, +43% def, +20 lightning, +25 Cold

He`s one point in dex away from using a war scythe which I`ve been trying to gamble.

I have a decent collection of low level runes and a decent collection of gems from playing on players 8. I`m now playing on about players 4 and doing some low-level magic find. If anything sticks out as being strange or you see something that you think can be improved within the build, please let me know! Looking back now, I think hydra is a little underpowered but has proven useful at times. Main attacks are blizzard and chain lightning between the timer. Teleport and my mercenary take care of a lot as well. Thanks!



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Geez, I dunno man... Archmages aren't easy builds. I wouldn't even play one without already having some decent gear, like maybe full tal set. Blizzard and Hydra also are a bit on the weak side without their synergies, though I suppose Blizzard still might do enough damage to be tolerable. Hmm....

Archmage builds don't have the points for much synergy if any at all. Keep that in mind when choosing attacks. You can persevere if you like; who knows, maybe you'll turn out okay, but if it were me I'd just rebuild.

Recommended archmage attacks:
Fire: Firewall, Meteor, or maybe Blaze. Max FM.
Lightning: Nova, Thunderstorm or Chain Lightning. Max LM.
Cold: Frozen Orb. 1-5 CM.


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tri elemental sorcs are no longer viable in 1.10. Make sure that you know the big changes in the new patch such as synergies and such.

I would recommend cold and fire skills instead.

Also, your strenght is a little bit high. Dexterity, way.. to much (unless you r going for max block) Also you need A LOT more in vitality in you want to survive hell difficulty.


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I'm also building a Tri-Elemental Sorc. If you haven't done so already, take a look at the Sorceress Guide Library in this forum. There are a few suggestions there in building this type of sorceress. It's a challenge since you are dividing your skill points into three different trees but it can be done. Good luck! :thumbsup:


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You shouldn't say something isn't viable when people have proven it can be done. It may not be incredibly easy, but it's a damn lot easier than some of the other things skilled players have achieved on this board. Like, for example, a melee assassin that uses Wirt's Leg as a weapon.