My first Smiter/Charger - help needed


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My first Smiter/Charger - help needed

All right guys, this will my first real char for PvP purposes. I've played some PvP with my MF sorc (bliz) and I like it a lot more than PvM (though I don't like playing with casters that much), and I want to build a melee char which has quite good chances to beat most builds.

The first problem is that I don't know wether to max charge dmg or use it just an utility skill to crush weaker opponents. Thinking about the gear I've gathered, this is my plan so far:

Smite - 20 pts.
Holy shield - 20 pts.
Charge - 20 pts.
Fanaticism - 20 pts.
Vigor - the remaining points for extra dmg

plus pre-req's, redemption and zeal for leveling purposes.

I've seen people suggesting for investing at least a few points into Holy freeze, isn't that considered BM in PvP? How you're using it... charging in, switching to Smite/HF, wait till your opponent is on Ice and put on the main aura?

Gear, need suggestions (on ladder):

Helm - Crown of ages
Armor - Leviathan / GA 'um'
Shield - Upg. HoZ / 4 ptopaz monarch / 4 psaphire monarch
Belt - Verdungo's / Tgod's
Boots - Goreriders
Gloves - Bloodfists
Weapon - Kingslayer zerker
Rings - Raven / Angelic / Dwarf star
Ammy - Hlord's / Angelic

I'll calculate the exact stats later when I know my end gear equip. Also, it would be great if you could post some strategies against all types of builds, and tell what to watch out and run away! :)


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yea i was also thinkin of buildin a v/c...this is wut i had in mind..

10 smite
20 holyshield
20 fana
15-20 charge
10-15 defiance
rest into synergies or smite or charge...


up hoz
up guardian angel
gore riders
rare pally ammy +1 28 fr 18 all other resists 52 life 28 str 9 dex
bk ring

well basically i think the defiance aura would be useful against enigma usin WW barbs and other not really sure though :-/

make any suggestions..


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Uhmm, why monarchs? Since you are a pally, you might as well as use paladin shields for better resistance (up to 45 all res).


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breez said:
Uhmm, why monarchs? Since you are a pally, you might as well as use paladin shields for better resistance (up to 45 all res).
Good question. I just have those monarchs already and didn't think of pally shields :p

I need more information of using Holy freeze. Is it considered BM? Is it efficent?
Holy freeze isn't that good anymore due to not being able to aura flash in 1.10.

I don't really see a viable use of it at all, actually. I suppose some hugely high levels of holy freeze with charge would be decent, but then its hard to hit. But then again the opponent's are very chilled.

I don't know, I can only think of using charge/hf vs. zons and since zons were nerfed heavily, charge alone can take them out now.


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I was thinking should I pump up Charge only at slvl 10 or so, and dump those skill points into Defiance to add some extra defence. Is it needed when using Smite or should it stick to my masterplan and max out Charge? :p