My first (proper) MF character; FrozenFlame


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My first (proper) MF character; FrozenFlame

Well dudes and EU's, I had the joy of MP'ing with a D2 friend yesterday. I was levelling in early nightmare, whilst he did a Mephisto run, waiting for me to catch up. When he was done, he brought me a list of his results, and I was apalled. He had found such awesome gear, in such a short amount of time. I am intensely jealous of his finds, but I resolved to make my first MF character.

So this morning, FrozenFlame was born. She is a sorceress, who will be a fire/cold hybrid. I am leaning towards the 'blizz-baller' as I like to have a nice killing skill for low levels. Meteor will be for bosses (Mephy, you watch out.)

I was wondering, how much MF I could pile onto her frail body, without sacrificing killing speed too much?

I was thinking as follows:

Helm - Tarnhelm (socketed with PTopaz)
Armour - Four PTopaz something or other, or Wealth Runeword?
Belt - Goldwrap
Gloves - my 32% MF Change guards
Rings - a reasonable %MF nagelring, and a ravenfrost.
Amulet - +skills and MF would be ideal, but I'll just use whatever goodies spring up
'Weapon' - I will be using staves, meaning no shield. Sorceress look awesome with a big staff, and they shouldn't get hit much anyways. I can always teleport out of ugly situations. (usually)

I was looking at obtaining a Skull Collector. Would that work well. Or I could have a Gull dagger, and Rhyme 'shield' on switch for the final blow.

Anyways, I just need some advice on a nice MF 'weapon'

Suggestions, comments, and big cash prizes are welcome as always.


Pom Shadd

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I don't know what your item stashes are like for twinking, but obviously, ideally, shako instead of tarnhelm. Skullders with a ptopaz would also be nice too. I'd rethink the staff-business if i were you. Personally, i hate switching weapons for a final kill hit. Occy has pretty decent mf if you have one, and if you have a skullders, your str will be pretty high anyways: might as well push for a spirit monarch. Just a thought.

Also, why ravenfrost? if you dont use a shield, you wont need the dex, and since most sorcs just tele everwhere, the cannot be frozen is probably unnecessary too. I guess cold absorb would be nice, but you would probably be happer with 2 nagels.


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I like to have the 'CBF' ability, for those instances when you come across a nasty monster, who has some form of cold attack. I remember back in 1.09 (I think) I came across a pack of cold enchanted, cursed archers. I died numerous times getting my corpse, and eventually gave up. It was nasty.

I don't have a skullder's ire, and don't intend to use one, as the strength requirement is too steep for a sorceress, In my oppinion.

My sorceresses (the few that have actually been effective) wind up having around 80 or so, endgame.

EDIT: A PTopaz'ed Harlequin Crest would be sweet, but the fact is, I have PTopazed Tarnhelm to use right away

Thanks for the quick reply, keep the comments coming...



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I have meteorb sorc with the exact same name. Occulus is really the only weapon I would think you would want to go with for MF.


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"Proper" MF sorc doesn't use staff, but orb + shield. (Most frequently Ocy+Lidless or Rhyme or Spirit) No staff can offer you the similar amounts of MF, +skills and FCR.
Obviously you need: a lot of +skills, a lot of MF, 65% FCR
You don't need resists for Meph and Pindlerunning and CBF ability is useless for sorc, because FCR is not affected by being slowed and you move by teleport, sorcs don't walk!


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I was looking at obtaining a Skull Collector. Would that work well. Or I could have a Gull dagger, and Rhyme 'shield' on switch for the final blow.
Either of these would work well. Personally I have a Skull Collector on switch for the final few blows for that added magic find. It works quite well as the Occulus and Spirit shield are the main setup, then switch at the end.

For the Armor I have Wealth, as the increase in gold find helps with gambling as well. But a 4 PTopaz armor would work just as well (the 4% difference isn't important). Both can be made in low strength requirement armors.

You didn't mention boots with Magic find, and since you will be teleporting when magic finding you don't need Faster Run/Walk on them. You should be able to find a +30% set fairly easily just by shopping around (or gambling).

The Ravenfrost doesn't protect you agains the cold damage of attacks, so it is as Hrus says useless on a sorceress (unless you use enchant). Nagelring would be better.