My First Patriarch

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My First Patriarch

Finally, after a hell of a long time playing, and not quite so much time playing SP, I have made my first ever Patriarch, on or off the realms. He's a Tesladin, made using Wurmer's guide in the Strategy Compendium, with some modifications on the gear because I didn't have some of the stuff he recomended. So here he is, LikesofYouAgain the Holy Shock Paladin:

Name: LikesofYouAgain (I always name my characters after songs, this one is by Flogging Molly)
Build: Tesladin
Level: 86

Life (With Gear): 1110 (1623)
Mana (With Gear): 142 (208)
Resists in Hell: 65/75/95/69

Stats (With Gear)

Strength: 100 (182)
Dexterity: 110 (141)
Vitality: 300 (355)
Energy: 15 (20)

Damage (With Enchant from Lavagout): 1333-6589 (1358-6625)
Attack Rating (With Enchant): 3533 (4498)
Defence (With Holy Shield): 1829 (5578)
Chance to Block: 75% with Holy Shield

Skills (With Gear)

Combat Skills
Sacrifice: 20 (25)
Zeal: 20 (25)
Holy Shield: 8 (13)
Prerequisites: 1 each

Offensive Auras
Holy Shock: 20 (25)
Holy Freeze: 1 (6) (The first option for my remaining skills)
Prerequisites: 1 each

Defensive Auras
Resist Lightning: 20 (23)
Salvation: 2 (5) (This is the other choice for remaining skills)


Helm: Vampire Gaze (6%ML, 7%LL, 11 MDR, 19% PDR)
Weapon: Azurewrath (246% EDamage, +5 Attributes, lvl 13 Sanctuary Aura)
Shield: Herald of Zakarum w/ PDiamond (162% EDefence)
Armour: Duriel's Shell (188% EDefence)
Gloves: Lavagout (for the CTC Enchant) (179% EDefence)
Belt: Thundergod's Vigor (173% EDefence)
Boots: War Traveler (175% EDefence, Attacker takes damage of 9, 38% MF)
Amulet: Rare Plague Noose - +1 Offensive Auras, +5 STR, Replenish Life +6, +12 all resists, Damage reduced by 2
Ring 1: Raven Frost (191 AR, 15 DEX)
Ring 2: Rare Corruption Spiral - CTC Lvl 5 Chain Lightning, +44 AR, +7 STR, +10 Cold, Fire, Lightning resist, +38 Poison Resist, Poison length reduced by 25%

Charms: 1 Offensive Aura Skiller with 32 life, rest have resists and life

Merc: Visala, Act 1 Fire Rogue (the free one from the second quest)

Bow: Harmony Diamond Bow
Helm: Rare Hydraskull (+70% EDefence, 14% LR, 8% PR)
Armour: Rare Chaos Armour (+93% EDefence, 6% LR, 28% PR, 50% PLR, 2 MDR)

Damage: 685-1086

The only real finds that he made were the Offensive Skiller, and the Azurewrath which he found when questing on the way to Baal in WSK3. Gloams were never a problem due to the massive Lightning resists and the Absorb from TGods, and I rerolled the Ancients until there wasn't one that had Might or Fanaticism (which took a while). Hellforge Drops were crap (Hel for Hell, typical), and nothing else to report really.


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Congrats! I'm building the HC version of Wurmers Tesladin, using the second build with Holy Freeze as the secondary attack. Fun, isn't it?


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Go Go Flogging Molly!!!

Perhaps DevilsDanceFloor for a kicker assassin? (because dancing uses feet, and kickers use feet...)
or maybe I should have named my Dex-A-Zon FarAwayBoys (because the situation is hopeless and depressing but she still pressed on).

Anyway, congrats on the Pat. I like your second ring the Corruption Spiral.



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Grats on your Nice Pat, your First so good work going with the melee option. How did the Fire Rogue go with no Life Leech? The Vigor should have help you both keep and get out trouble. Also what players setting did you play on in Hell? BTW Nice gear you have. 4 type of damage help mow down everything. You mentioned finding Azurewrath i the WSK3 , it that one Azurewrath he currently using?

Skinhead On The MBTA

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The Rogue had to be helped out with pots and me saving her *** quite a few times, but it was nice to go with something else other than the usual Might/Holy Freeze Town Guard. The Vigor was really good as well, meant I could walk at the same speed as he would normally be running.

I played /p3 in Hell, except for places with loads of Lightning Immunes, when I turned it down to /p1. Same goes for the Ancients as well.

Yeah, the Azurewrath that he's carrying is the one he found in WSK3, before he found that he carried the Hand of Blessed Light, for the skills to Holy Shock and the ITD.


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Congrats on the first (of many?)

And another supporter of the A1 merc :thumbsup:


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Cool name.
Cool character.

I've tried playing a few of these myself but they've all been hardcore so far and I get stupid.