My first necromancer


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My first necromancer

I am in the proces of building my first necromancer :) and I decided to make it a poison nova one. Now i have a few questions about the gear and such.
My gear that i was thinking of would look about like this:

Helm: Shako (5/5 psn)
Armour:Bramble 45%-50%
Gloves: Trang oul
Belt: Archnid *question here*
Shield: Question here
Boots: Waterwalk (trying to get perf life)
Rings: Sojs
Amulet: Maras
Weapon: wiz spike (5/5 psn) *question here*

Now about my questions. Is archnid the best option for a PvP psn mancer? or should i go for like trang oul belt? Shield. In 1.09 i saw a lot of necromancers wearing a storm shield is this really worth it? Or should i go with a homu or trang oul shield? Weapon. See im not very rich so i don't know if i can afford a death web plus i dont know how mu resistance will look and the mana boost and the fcr is also very nice

Can you guys please help me out?



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Wand: Death's Web - up to -50% enemy resists. You don't need Wiz Spike's faster cast because you don't need to spam poison - just hittem once and stand back.

Shield: Consider, since you're equipping Trang's claws, doing the shield and belt as well - with 3 pieces on, the shield gives another -25% to enemy poison resists . . . add in Death's web and the claws, and you've got some ridiculous poison damage.

I'm building my own Nova Necro right now - I have everything but Trang's Belt. Plus, a couple of poison facets to round things out . . . heh heh heh.

Good luck!
There is little need for FCR on a Venomancer. It may be for PvP I am uncertain.

I would also suggest a Death's Web, it truly is a Venomancer's best choice.

Other good mentions would be:

- 'White' runeword: +3 Poison Nova and +3 Lower Resist
- Heart of the Oak

Seeing as you state you cannot afford the Death's Web, I would suggest shopping at Drognan for an appropriate wand, and making White (Dol and Io) from it.

I would suggest you also utilise the Trang-Oul's Glove, Belt and Shield combination.

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ArchAngel Tiberrius said:
There is little need for FCR on a Venomancer. It may be for PvP I am uncertain.
Just enough for a decent Tele speed.

Zpliffman said:
how much would death web be? Perfect that is?
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