My first Mat Utada, pure blizzer


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My first Mat Utada, pure blizzer

My first Mat since i started Sp. I started this character yesterday and have already used it for some gg meph runs.

Character name: Utada
Character type: Sorceress
Character level: 72
Character exp: 369370411

Strength : 60
Energy : 35
Dexterity : 25
Vitality : 315
Stat Points Rem: 0

(with items)
Life : 946
Mana : 545

Resistances: mf gear= -30's questing= 30's+

Blizzard damage: about 2400

Blizzard 20
Glacial Spike 20
Cold mastery 20
Ice blast 11
Ice bolt 3
All prereqs and "must" skills (Teleport, Telekinesis, Static)

Gear Mfing
Rhyme Grim Shield
4os Dusk with 3 ptopaz (460 def)
Freezing amulet of the titan, 2cold skills 16str
Silk weave
Spirit cs 35fcr
str mf ring
str life res ring

Questing gear:
Mosers blessed shield (2p dia)

Act2 Holy Freeze (hardly used)
insight poleaxe
Tals helm
sigons armour

This is my second sorc ive made since starting Sp 4 days ago. In my realm playing ive always got a blizzard sorc to a good standard. In hcl I got a lvl 73(ladder), hc lvl 85 (full tals shako etc, before econmy was messed up) and sc I had a pvp fathom/nightwing max charms etc blizz sorc. So I knew straight away I could get this char too Mat in no time at all. I did act1 normal/act5 nm pretty damn fast. Using pindle and eldritch to lvl 27-40(norm) 43-60(nm) in stupidly fast times. My major problems were ancients, for this I made sure only korlic was cold resist and staticed him and did a few tricks with my merc. After that the throne was tricky. The act 2 spawns mages were cold reists and an absolute ***** to deal with but I managed. As for finds while questing, goldskin was about it. Forge decided to give a sol/Io :(.

Ill just add my mf luck with her:(all hell meph)
15/40 dungos
15/39 dungos
5/5 light facet
130 def shako
187ed titans
(much more bits and bobs)

Next char up is probably an axe and shield ww barb. I want to make a smiter but I have no ubers to smite -_-. Hope I did this right is my first post like it.

Heres a screeny of my shako this morning I was so proud lol


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Congrats on the SP Mat, the first is always the sweetest.

That's quite a low level to have finished Hell in, what player setting were you running at, 1? Noticed you said you started this character yesterday. :shocked: How long in hours did it take you to Mat, overall?


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I was doing it at P1- anything higher is suicide for the way I play my sorc's. I think I should call this type of build a blittzer. I rush myself and level at pindle eldritch as simple as.

Time spent lvling, questing and rushing= 9-10 hours
Time spent mfing meph= 3-4 hours

Im known for being impatient on diablo 2 I dont like to stand around. If I mf I do run vs time rather than slow with massive mf and p count. I also used to do lvling jobs on this forum on uswest realm so I know how to take acts fast.

(edit) normal was played at p8 and eldritch/pindle also at p8


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First off, Congrats on the Mat.!

Next, I have my pure blizz sorc basically parked at the River of Flame WP because i/my merc always get killed in the Chaos Sant. cause of the Cold Immunes. How did you handle them?

Congrats again



I've found it's very helpful for my blizzer to have a dual Hel'd Bonehew on switch for CI's. The Corpse Explosion charges really help out.

- Noodle


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I ignore the cold imunes, teleport to middle of sanc and tp. Take out all venoms, knights and casters with blizz (use glacial as left click to micro). Firstly go for vizer, then venom lord guy and finally take on lord seis (for him only you will need to revive your merc). Then watch diablo get totaly owned. I actually had no problem with cs but on the other hand my ligth sorc found it stupidly hard. Hope that helped


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It sounds a lot better than my current strategy of static, watch the merc die, curse, curse, resurrect the merc, then watch him die again.
Will also try the Bonehew. Hopefully if things go right there will be another Mat thread in the next few days.