My first Hammerdin-some observations and some expert advice requested-five points


My first Hammerdin-some observations and some expert advice requested-five points


(if you cannot be arsed to wade through this rambling thread then point four is the most important for me)

I have always been a zealer using the fanat aura who uses a EBOTDzerker axe. this has always worked just fine with me. i run in and just rip apart everything that moves. i used an enigma for movement and i could do any Boss, do destr key runs so fast (2mins each) that i was always getting realm downs. i was the ultimate tank. i leech back so much that i could not die

but then...

i decided to make a hammerdin. what the hell, in baal games these are the people who do the killing, 8k a hammer spamming them at full force crazy time. i never realised what a hammer cloud was but now i do. i was in a game last night with three other hammerdins and the game was over before it started.

but this is what i have noticed.

first point- leaching other peoples auras

i maxed hammers, blessed aim and vigor first. i only put a few points into con and a few in holy shield. this was because damage is based on hard points in these areas. apart from concentration which can be as high as it likes. normally when i went into a game someone else was using a far higher consentration than i was so i used theirs and put my aura to redemption.

second point to why combat skillers over offensive auras

extra +skills from equipment do not affect damage total when added to blessed aim or vigor, but extra skill points do affect concentration as it is a stand alone aura. why don't people jack up on offensive auras which are far cheaper than combat auras. they would still get a usable boost to concentration. (i know that combat boosts blessed hammer)

third point- killing power over FCR

my fcr rate gear consists of a wizzy and a vortex spirit shield (i cannot afford a arach and a HOTO yet). would it be worth swapping out my spirit shield for a zak shield which although a would lose FCR i would gain far more damage and still have 50%FCR from the wizzy.

fourth point- he has weakness to certain monsters

although the hammerdin is a killing machine he is still vulnerable to certain types of attack. anything that comes to him is dead do you here that dead, but ranged attackers can tear him a new arse whats the deal with them as the hammer cloud is not that effective if the monster will not move.

BUT FAR MORE DEADLY than that and are the greatest threat to hammertime are the slow lumbering creatures which speed up at the lastest moment flying throught the hammer cloud and cracking your hammer man across the room.

think of the entrance to Pindle and the snakes in the destr key runs. what do you do about them as you are not leaching any life back and they cut right through your 75% block rate and all the other crap.

what do you do about them. help me help me.

Last point- technical mouse control

last point is this-key controls
i have hammers on left side of mouse and concentration on right side. so if i want to spam hammers i have to hold down the shift button otherwise the pally will just run to where i have clicked. is this the normal set up.

could you please advise me on these matters as this is a great character to play but it does have some small weaknesses

i thank you


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1) normal unlike fana, concen offer full bonus, which is great. that means you can use redm, mdeidation, salvation etc, etc.
But as sometime you are alon when questing, adivsed skill investing is hamme, concen, vigor (for move), then aim.

2) well, aside from increasing hammer dmg, you will notice large booost in def by holy shield. Off skillers don't do this :)
Holy shield kick ***.

3) if you are just hunting, 75% fcr will do just find. Zaka's res, skill, f block etc helps out a lot.
IN PvP, its different. Desync, and ghost hammers....
Considering the fact that most hammerdins will have full range of skillers, more fcr= more attac= more dmg per frame.
you can create hammer field with invisi hammer, but this can only be achieved with fast FCR (well, relatively easier anyway).
Of course, some prefer usual 75% setup as this is enough to kill anyone at 3 most :) (with exception to certain cahracters)

EDIT* hoto = 40 arach = 20 glove = 20. Helm will be another 20 and amu at another 20 (expensive yeah i know..). that's 120 already. just let go of that Soj or BK your were using. now you have 125 + FCR. Changing rings to 10fcr rings will help out a lot. Less dmg but worth it. (that means you can usually use low caster amu too)

4) charging monsters are not much of a proble later (when you level is higer than them and you got holy shield :)
snakes...yes I see the problem.
best course of action is, of course, ignore them. You will just need to kill nihlatak, and get out. They are not worth bothering with. (unless you plan to switch gear and go as smite/hammer..but not recommeneded)

5)you are doing right. I know someone who was useing hammer with right click, and complaining that dmg was too little. me and my mates laughed.


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Imo, it's not worth changing Shako out for an FCR circelet. The PDR %, +Life and Mana, +2 skills, and 50% MF makes it a rock solid PvM helmet - A socket open for extra verstality(I recommend: Um, Ber, Cham, P Topaz). Much better to change out Zaka for a nice pala spirit(40+ all res). Magefist= 20, Arach=20, Hoto=40, Spirit=35, and then just a nice FCR ring with +life, +mana, +5 all res. Spirit offers so much verstality in terms of helmet/amulet choice, and i have 60% block with it compared to 75% from Zaka. Ofcourse you'll loose a bit of damage, and quite alot of defense - But 125 FCR is totaly worth it.
Although, if you really are rich, then you could get the circelet+amulet combos - Just be prepared to pay a whole freaking lot for them.