(My first) Champion Xaviar


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(My first) Champion Xaviar

So, my Skellimancer Xaviar just finished Nightmare, becoming my first ever Champion. I'm intending to do a bunch of MFing and leveling before I go on to Hell, but thought I'd post his stats here and see if anyone has any advice for me about what to improve and what equipment to go for before I go into Hell.

Level 74
Str 100
Dex 100 (115)
Vit 205
En 50

Skeleton Mastery 20 (27)
Raise Skeleton 20 (27)
Raise Skeleton Mage 2 (9)
Clay Golem 19 (26)
Golem Mastery 4 (11)
Blood Golem 1 (8)
Iron Golem 1 (9)
Summon Resist 5 (12)
Revive 1 (8)
Amplify Damage 2 (8)
Dim Vision 1 (7)
Weaken 1(7)
Terror 1 (7)
Confusion 1 (7)
Decrepfy 2 (11)

He is equiped with

Blackhand Key
Trang Ouls Scales and Claws
Sapphire Greaves of Luck
Golemlord's Coronet of Life
Rare Ammy with Teleport charges and +1 Curses
Rage mummified trophey with +3 Decrep

His Might merc is level 73 and equiped with Blackhorn's Face, Kelpie Snare and Boneflesh.

I'm pretty sure his Resists need to improve, I suppose I should swap all those +Gold items charms out for Res charms... once I've done my MFing.. any other ideas?


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congrats on the champion!!

very nice looking guy too - I woulda done a little different, but that is just me :)

suggestions: put 1 point in lower resist - comes in handy sometimes. Keep pumping vitality !! most important now. Your clay golum looks a bit overkilled, but I bet he never dies :)

Good job on the whole, have fun in HELL!!!



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grat on the pat, now keep those pats and mats coming :lol:
any idea's for your next project?



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Yeah definitly you'll need a good corpse explosion. I would also suggest that you put several points more in revives (and maybe in amp damage) for the time when you'll be mf'ing and therefore will probably switch some +apt for some mf.