My first barb v.caniseriouslygetawaywiththis


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My first barb v.caniseriouslygetawaywiththis

So here's what I'm starting with: Arreats, Duress (not quite rich enough to buy a Fort on NL), and: an ebotd Thunder Maul. If I'm looking at this thing correctly, there is no dexterity requirement. Now ... what this sounds like to me is: an opportunity to not put any points into dex. Like as if I were building a caster. I'm working on maxing out my mace mastery (I JUST started this guy, something like half an hour ago) and I am more than happy to wear the Angelics jewelry in order to get that AR bonus, which is of course substantial.

I am not interested in PvP so much as PvM ... this will be a hybrid WW/Conc barb. (I intend to max WW, mace mastery, Conc, BO, then maybe something like Shout, with a point in all the miracle skills etc.)

So the question is, can I seriously get away with this no dexterity thing? I don't have a shield to worry about, so blocking isn't an issue as such. If I get to putting points into Shout, my defense rating will go way up anyway, along with whatever that skill is on the masteries tab that gives a defense bonus as well (is it Iron Skin?) ... will I be able to hit things? There'll be dex from items, not the least of which will be 30 from that thunder maul. Of course that's later in the game... so... what do you all think? I've heard of IKbarbs pulling this off. Can I do it with the gear that I've got lined up? Is there something with "Ignore Target's Defense" which would make it go from impossible to way to go? (Maybe a rune I could stick in my helm?) Thoughts?

Sorry, fellas. This is really my first barb. Prior to this guy, I did assassins and paladins. So I'm lost. The fact that I got four life for every one vitality point, at first sight, made me get up, walk into the bathroom, look in the mirror and punch myself in the face. I couldn't believe it.


So what's the word? Given the above information, am I doomed to failure?

Oooh. Got some Gore Riders as well.


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If you use angelics you will be fine.
Well, your ar will be. Dex dont do that much for your ar anyway!
All your other items sounds fine to for a pvm build!
you might wanna try out an enigma as armor, the masive str would really help
with the heavy thunder maul.

Good luck with your barb

Meltrian Faus

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sounds like my titan sorc.... (ended up with 477 str at lvl 79) she had little trouble with hitting things as long as her merc stayed alive. blessed aim merc helps when you're not going with angelics. didn't do too great in pvp, but with only 1000 or so life after her bo, didn't think she would. good luck with your barb you should do fine.


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Don't forget that you'll almost certainly have at least one point in Battle Cry. Slvl1 BC will cut enemy defense in half, which is as good as doubling your final AR at the very end. It'll work on pretty much anything in the game (except possessed monsters and suicide minions, both of whom are immune to curses). That means you can drop it on the really hard-to-hit baddies, such as Act Bosses and the like, and watch your CTH rocket. Just remember that it overwrites other curses, so don't use it if you're relying on Decrep or Lifetap to keep you alive.


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with that setup you'll do just fine ^^
the boost from angelics is more than enough for pvm besides that, since you're using a high str weapon and you're going two handed you might even want to try going full strength (titan as meltrian mentioned)
i did that while ago with my spearbarb and man did i love that, soooooooo many mobs died with 1 ww :grin:


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yea as long as they are not skeletons or certain undead. no life leech from them in hell = you die. :( hate undead in hell.