My first, and my worst anni


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My first, and my worst anni

After all those hours in Bnet, I had seen D clone only twice until yesterday. First time the other guy in my game took the anni, second time I was merely helping a friend kill the clone and had my anni already(got from trading) so I couldn't have picked it up myself anywayz.

But finally my own chance came, yesterday, when I was solo mfing with my nec, in a private passworded room. No one else in the game but me, and no one will ever come in to bother me. The Soj counter appeared at the first time, saying 3755 sojs sold. I thought that was quite a big number, and didn't really recognize it. How many times have I seen the counter and waisted my time waiting in vain for the clone?

But this time there was something different. The counter was going way too fast! After killing baal and diablo, there were already 50 sojs sold to merchants. And to my surprise, when the counter hit 3808, "Diablo Walks The Earth" appeared!!

'Yay', I thought, and enjoyed the brief shaking period. Then did some quick thinking of where to spawn the clone. I would have loved to have him on shenk, for I could have CE'ed all those corpses around. But shenk was no more, so I just spawned him on the tree monster in dark wood. I got him pretty easy, though half of my skellies were killed. Then, the marvelous gold named small charm dropped.. I almost cried at this part ..

Went to town, dropped my own anny which is a poor 12/12/7, then went back to dark wood to claim my new one. I IDed it right then. And when I saw the stats, I almost cried again :(

It was a 10/10/8.



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An anni is an anni - appreciate it for the skill and xp gain. The resists and stats are also great, but depending on your build and play style, they may be hardly necessary.

It could have gone either way for you, it could have been perfect, it could have been worse. It happened to end up on the lower end of that ladder. There's always a next time.


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Hey, at least you got two! Some people will never get one. I was lucky enough to get one awhile back, and it was a 10/10/8 as well. *Shrug* Hey, it's better than nuthin' :)


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Yea, feel lucky man. I've only seen dclone once in all my play, and I didn't even get the charm (err i die at the same time d dies). I have 3 annis, but I had to trade for them. Although there are lots of annis out there, their value and usefulness will be more and more appreciated as fewer dclones spawn (ie if soj selling is the way to trigger it). Already on west ladder their value has gone up in the trade forums.


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that easily beats the frustration that stemmed from my last time being in a game with dclone. i entered a public game that just happened to have spawned him and there were two other people frantically messaging each other in there in an attempt to find out where he was. i'd had him in a game before, but this was the first time that i was with a character that could probably easily kill him. unfortunately though, he was already spawned, and after a half hour or so of looking at all the super uniques that i could think of, i gave up though. my time will come later on, and i just hope it's in a private game so i don't have to worry about that anni that i will have earned being scavanged.
Ok, first of all, what is an anni?

Second of all, whats the Soj counter for?

Lastly, What is this Diablo Walks the Earth thing all about?

Explain it all to me. PLEASE.