My first 1.11 Matriarch :)


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My first 1.11 Matriarch :)

Hi all :) I recently started playing Diablo II again, after a very long hiatus (I hadn't played since the 1.09 days). All of my old characters were highly unoptimalized (for instance, my Barbarian had about 7-8 skill points in both Axe Mastery and Sword Mastery, despite dual-wielding swords...), so I wanted to create an optimalized character for a change. The choice fell on Sorceress, which I hadn't played before.

After looking through these forums, I decided upon a Frozen Orb/Meteor build, gave my newly-created Sorceress a bunch of items my other characters had found, and got started on Xandra's career.

I played through Normal and Nightmare with the Players 8 setting (only changing to Players 1 for NM Ancients), which led me to finish Normal difficulty at Level 48, and Nightmare difficulty at Level 75. As things had gone very easily up until that point (not to mention blasting people with Frozen Orbs is quite amusing!) I decided to try to keep Players 8 into Hell difficulty. I quickly gave up that plan; it just took way too much time to kill even the otherwise easily dealt-with monsters. Cold Plains in Act I was the last area I cleared out with the Players 8 setting.

Hell difficulty in general was pretty troublesome, especially those monsters that spawned with Fire Immunity, Cold Immunity, and Stone Skin, as my merc had big trouble dealing damage to them faster than they regenerated life. Once I discovered the stunning part of Telekinesis, thanks to my previous thread on this forum, this went a lot easier, and while clearing out every area of the game I only skipped one monster (an FI,CI,SS I met before learning Telekinesis was good). I also realized Static Field was a wonderful and amazing tool for dealing with the Bosses much faster than anyone should be allowed to :)

I finally reached the Arreat Summit, expecting a very tough fight with the Ancients, and got a slightly less tough fight than expected. They all spawned with Fire Immunity, but since Frozen Orb is my weapon of choice that wasn't a big problem. One spawned with Cold Immunity as well, which meant I had to keep my Mercenary alive at all costs. The two non-CIs went down reasonably quickly, which left my Merc alone against the last one, aside from me using Static Field and Telekinesis. He killed him in the end (thankfully not also Stone Skinned), and I proceded to the Worldstone Keep.

I was in for a huge surprise there.. The Keep was a lot more lethal than in 1.09, and also a lot more lethal than any of the previous areas. My character's 3rd and 4th career deaths happened in WSK L1 (the first two were in the Maggot Lair and Upper Kurast, both also in Hell difficulty). I finally got my way down to the Throne of Destruction, which was much easier than I thought it would be, after WSK. It seemed like the Minions of Destruction didn't deal any damage at all to my Merc, so they may have been bugged.. In any case, the fight with Baal came shortly thereafter, and he went down after some work. Xandra was finally crowned Matriarch, at Level 85 :)

On the way, she got some decent drops both in terms of Uniques and Sets: Aldur's Deception from Baal, Razor's Edge from one of the Council Members in Durance of Hate L3, Ormus' Robes from a Unique Doom Caster in the Plains of Despair, and Arkaine's Valor from a Unique Corpse Spitter in City of the Damned. The highest level Rune she found was an Um Rune, but I don't remember which monster dropped it. It was definitely NOT the Countess, who dropped El Runes both in Normal, NM and Hell :)

Skill Setup (base skill points; Fire skills have +8, other skills have +7):
20 Frozen Orb
20 Meteor
16 Fire Ball
16 Fire Mastery
10 Cold Mastery
2 Warmth
1 Static Field
1 Teleport
1 Telekinesis
9 [1 each of the various required skills for Frozen Orb and Meteor]

Base Attributes:
Strength 66, Dexterity 49, Vitality 275, Energy 125

The Oculus
Peasant Crown
Skin of the Vipermagi
"Splendor" Grim Shield
Nightsmoke (Upgraded to Mesh Belt)
Manald Heal
Rare Amulet (+1 Sorc Skills, +20 Res All, +4 Replenish Life, +57 Life)
Rare Ring (10% Faster Cast, +11 Res All, +6 Res Poison/Fire)
A bunch of magical charms for resistances and MF

Nightmare Act 2 Holy Freeze (Durga) with Duriel's Shell, Stealskull, and Husoldal Evo


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strange about lister pack. they are deadly to all my act 2 mercs. only one is able to tank them for hours and he use bugz0red cube armor RW Stone.


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Congrats. :thumbsup:

I also mated... err... finished the game with my first sorceress (meteorb) quite recently, and similarly played Normal/NM at p8 but quickly switched to p1 in Hell. :grin: It's a pretty fun build. Do you have a new char in mind already, or is it MF time with the sorc?


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Congratulations. :thumbsup:

My first Matriarch was a Meteorb too. They are a very strong build. So what is going to be your next build?


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Well done. Particularly on keeping your moron alive against Lister et al.


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Congrats on your first Mat. Keeping your merc alive depended on the HF and cold damage from Orb. You had some nice finds, what was your MF stat used when questing around 'ell, Lucky drop with Baal, he usually drops Bloodthief.


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Unrsrvd said:
Do you have a new char in mind already, or is it MF time with the sorc?
MF time for a while, I think.. She just kills so much faster than my previous characters :)

TedDeeBoy said:
You had some nice finds, what was your MF stat used when questing around 'ell, Lucky drop with Baal, he usually drops Bloodthief.
The MF while questing was only 96, now that I've looked at it. Lucky indeed :)