My first 1.10 Pat


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My first 1.10 Pat

After my first venture into Act V Hell with my 1.09 zealot, I never thought I would hit Pat again, but the hammerdin did the trick. I, however, was suprised because from the threads I read I thought I would need better equip.

Duriel's Shell
Ancient's Pledge (Akaran Rondache)
Natalya's Soul
String of Ears
Dwarf Star
Mara's Kaleidescope
Circlet with +2 to combat skills
Scepter with +3 to blessed hammer

Nobody may care, but it was exciting to me. :thumbsup:


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Congrats on the pat :)

Hammerdins can do well with moderate equipment too, and even without any equipment...I often have to do that when I die to my own stupidity such as when watching hockey score in the middle of the game :lol: