My first 1.10 GUARDIAN


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My first 1.10 GUARDIAN

Here she comes - my first 1.10 guardian is a Meteorb Sorcie, her name is Nia.
I'll mentian my 3 previous attempts on this quest:

lvl 80 WW Druid - reached WSK lvl 2
lvl 65 Skelemancer - NM CS
lvl 80 Zerker Barb - reached Travincial

She used many items found by the trio mentioned above and finally killed Hell Baal at lvl 85. Ball himself was easy - but the Ancients - this was another story. My merc ws dying like a fly to their powerful attacks. At last I got spawn where 2 of them was FI and 1 CI but no FI/CI. The fight took 30 minutes of teleporting, orbing and fireballing.

Here are her stats at lvl 85:
note: the stats are with modifiers from equiped items
Str 157
Dex 207
Vit 209
Eng 57


20 Frozen orb
7 CM
1 Shiver armor
+ cold prereq.

20 Fire Ball
20 Meteor
14 FM (maxing now)
1 Warmth
+ fire prerq.

1 telekinesis
1 teleport
1 static

Her equipment is:
Eth Shako :) with 5 from 7 durability remaining)
Duriell Shell (with Ral)
Stormshield (with Perf Diamond)
The Oculus (with empty socket)
18 res all ammy
Stone of Jordan
Bul-Kathos, Wedding Band
Tal's belt

On switch she has an orb with +2 sorc skills +2 ES and a shield with +1 sorc skills
ES is a must on HC - it saved my life countless number of times.

Nia's resists on hell are:
Her inventionary is filled with res, life and mana charms.

She is on her MF duty now - running Meph, The PIt and so on.


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wow, a guardian, GREAT job, this is not HCladder i assume, according to your items.. so i dont have to worry about my #1 spot :teeth:

great job man, a guardian is trully a great accomplishment

keep the good work up :thumbsup:



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As I said in the HCL thread, great job a_shikoff! :clap:

@ strijdje This is an SPFHCL character - the only twinks are from other HCL characters - so be afriad, be very afraid! :)


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simeonb said:
As I said in the HCL thread, great job a_shikoff! :clap:

@ strijdje This is an SPFHCL character - the only twinks are from other HCL characters - so be afriad, be very afraid! :)
hehe from what, wanna duel ^^ :teeth: my lvl 89 can take on everything, and i laugh at his punny elemantal sorc.. my guardian has 90/90/95/80 res so bring it on ^^

nah kust kidding, when i got my computer back i will continue to play my guardian zealot upto lvl 95, afte r that it wil take FOREVER to even get him to 99 so... its basiclly my mf char but i cant play due the fact my computer is "under construction" for 2 weeks now... hope to get it back soon, really soon ^^



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Congrats on a great achievement. I have not gotten a guardian since 1.09. You are a braver soul than I. :thumbsup:


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Well done!!

I clearly remember that you wrote somewhere that you were going to stay away from HC. I guess not... :D

By the way, how are your tourney characters faring?

* Fireclaw the "3-Way Dance" druid
* Torror the Randomly Challenged


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congratulation ! make a guardian with a sorceres is always a great moment.
i take a :drink: for you


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That is really a great achievement! I respect people who have been able to do this, I am not one of them. I don't have the skill/patience to make that. Making Guardian in 1.10 is one f those ultimate goals and now you have done that :)

Once again, congrats!


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Congrats Anton, I'm really happy for you. :clap:

I hope she has a long successful MFing career, as my Helene-Marie has (so far...knock on wood). ;)

Butz. :teeth:


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Hey thanks everyone for the congrats.
I'm planning on making an amazon now - hybrid one which uses FA, LF and Jab with CB OW setup for bosses. What do you think of that build


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big grats A_.

you're an inspiration everyone of us who've been through the whole "grrrrrr 1.10 HC is simply taking the i refuse to play till they make it easier" motion.