my fireball sorc :D


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my fireball sorc :D

i dont know if this fireball sorc is good but plz give me responds:

base str
base dex
about 150 vita
and the rest on mana

20 firebolt
20 fireball
20 meteor
20 fire mastery
the rest on energy shield

my equip is

Shako 5/5 fire facet
perf fire eschutas with 5/5 fire facet
lidless 5/5 fire facet
arach mesh
soj and 10 fcr ring with 20 str and more
perfect mara
10x fire skiller's 35-40 life and 9x 20/17 life mana sc's and anni

shall i have hoto or maybe block or other stats plzz tell me.
please rate my sorc and tell me what i can do better.


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Hello and welcome to the forums:)

First of all most people don't put points in energy since life is very important in 1.10, because monsters are so dangerous. Secondly if you're going to use Energy Shield you need more points into it...also very important points in Telekinesis otherwise you'll just lose all your mana in one hit. Go here for an explanation on how Energy Shield works.

Your gear looks very solid, and should deal massive fire damage...just be warned that there are plenty of Fire Immunes in Hell that you won't be able to scratch. Eschuta's would give more damage but HOTO is safer...your choice. Max block is very nice to have, but not with Lidless Wall since it's blocking isn't very good...then you're better of with Stormshield or Whistans Guard or something.

If this is for PvP...then all I can suggest is max block...because that's vital.


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This is a PVP sorc.

I'll guess i put more skills on energy shield and telekines then :p

i don't know but i have heard rumors about that a firefacet 5% will not give me 5 % more damage but it will do 1% to firemastery i dont know but I read it in som guide.. is this true ?


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The 5% from a fire facet works exactly the way that 5% from Fire Mastery, so it really wont help all that much...the -% fire resist is very good though. The rumour you have heard is not true.