my fb soso

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my fb soso

hi there i need some help ^^ i have a lvl 87 fireball soso and her dmg id 12k is that high dmg ?? heres my stats :
strength: 102
vitallity: enough for 900 life
nrg: enough for 700 mana
dex: 67
weapon: echuta 3 soso skills 20 % fire skill
shield: lidless
armour:eek:rmus + 2 soso skills 20 % fire skill
hlem: nigthwing with sweet jewel 100% chance to cast lvl 37 blizzard when u die
ring: soj
ring: dwarf star
amu: rising sun + 2 fire skill 70 fire absorb
well some guy said that that stuff was nooby :( is it ?? :cry: :undecided:
and he said that 12k fb dmg is noob dmg :shocked: :lipsrsealed: is it ?? is there any better items for me ??


I've had higher damage on a 50-something fire sorc -_-

First off, stats.
I'll assume by your lidless, you're not going block. Makes this easier.

Str - enough to wear gear, minus what your anni + torch + gear provides.

dex - none

If using energy shield, split 100 vita/ rest energy - as it seems you can't afford vita lifers. If no eshield, pump the rest into Vita.


Eschutas.. is decent. I prefer Hoto, but it's ok for now.

Lidless - Spirit monarch outclasses this, and is worth the str increase.

Ormus -? It's 15% Fire, +3 fireball if you're going for fireball. Upped Viper or CoH make for a generally stronger sorc though, In terms of resists and tanking.

Belt - Arachs. Best option easily.

Nightwing - pretty much useless for fire sorc. +2 skills is.. meh. Shako would do you better. Or a +2 sorc, 20 fc Magical or rare, socketed with shaels or Um's.

Ammy - Rising sun, is okas a temp. Keep it stashed if you want sorb vs fire, but a +2 sorc, fcr ammy or Maras would do you better overall.

Rings - Fcrings if you're below the 105fc breakpoint, else sojs. Dwarfs are only good to switch in if you have hotspurs, vs fire sorcs. Otherwise damage + mana will be more important.

If you're going to pvp with this at all, you'll need anni + torch + charms. Try to hit the 86 fhr bp. 105fcr is critical too.


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for PvM your setup probably works - assuming you're in a party that can handle the fire immunes. But it does look like you need some more FCR. Definatly drop the lidless for a spirit and drop the dwarfstar for another SOJ or maybe a FCR ring.

PvP is all about the gear like Xenon said - you have a long ways to go I'm afraid. Check out the 200% FCR guide sticked on top.


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I use to PvP with my firesorc untill it expired. first off, i'm guessing this person isn't very rich, so alot of what xenon said doesnt apply to you.

Although, if your not going to have max block, spirit would be a better choice and is fairly cheap to make, or you might be able to get a 25% cast one for pgems.

Use a low end vipermagi, the +skills and 25+ res (for lowest) does much more to your damage then 15% fire damage, and is generally worthless without perfect resists.

nightwing? for a cold sorc yes, for a fireball sorc no! use shako, decently cheap, you can get one for a pul..ish, try trading your lidless and some other items for it.

Hoto is probably too expensive, use an occy, generally worthless as well, although its kind of like a mini hoto, 20% res, 30% cast, 3+ to skills, and +to str and energy, which is always nice. compared to the 40% res, 40% cast, 3+ skills of a hoto, it actually compares pretty nicely.

Belt: arachs is the best option, but its worth 1-2 high runes. maybe either trade ur nightwing for it, or just use a gloomstrap, the +%mana helps nicely i found untill you can get that arach.

if ur mana is low, use manalds, they give nice life + mana regneration, if you happen to find some nice rare rings with %cast, +mana +life, +str, +res, id use those instead though. the best rings you can get are sojs though, but are generally expensive to get 2 of them.

a good maras is probably the most expensive thing you'll ever need for this sorc, so try and get a rare ammy with +2 sorc skills, %cast, mana, life, str, res. if you cant find one, try gambling a 3+ fireskills one with cast (i think thats possible right? unless they are both prefixs)

The 105 breakpoint is the most important one to get to, technically you can get 25 from spirit, 30 from occy, 20% from magefists, 30% from vipermagi, and voila! 105 cast. all that for about 1 um rune.

Oh and by the way my old sorc had around umm... 40% faster hit recovery. (or less) from charms and never died from anybody except good chargadin glitchers and rarely 200% fcr lightning sorcs. (my sorc used sanc and didnt use treks either)

with spirit + sandstorm treks = 75% fhr, so just add in a few small charms and you can get that 86% if u want to.

Also, my sorc did not have anni nor torch, and only 3x fire gcs without life. (found em all myself :) ) all the rest of my inventory was jam packed with res charms, dex and str+ charms and lifers sc. and it was a hella fine sorc. the thing i like about the way sorcs duel is that it's usually up to the skill of the user then the gear you chose. compared to melee where its usually who has the best gear wins it all. Also my sorc had 8k fireball damage. It OBLITERATED everything except sorbers. and if they sorb, they deserved to be sorbed back. Also, why spend 7 hrs a piece for a 40+ fire lifer, (i think thats what they are worth now, east ladder, or was that light skillers, hmm) get regular skillers, usually worth around an um rune or less, that is if ur worried about damage. an average sorc with full fire skillers and anni and torch usually has around ~22k fireball damage minimum.

my gear looked like this

firefacet wizzy
sanc troll nest
upped 35% res umed viper
umed shako
33% maras
2x sojs
infernostride (i love these boots, i dont know why, they acutually suck big time)

switch, cta lidless (didnt have enough str for monarch, all my points went into life and dex)

had about 350% stacked res for those blizzard sorcs with maxed cold mastery and lightning sorcs with their infinity merc, and anything else that likes to use -res gear. (some say its only nessecary to get up to 75% untill u face that blizzard sorc with facets sticking out everywhere, and a nice lvl 20~ ish cold mastery bringing u to -100% and taking double damage, while i sit in the blizzard feeling nothing)

my base stats were 150 energy with gear, ~200 dex, 118 str (with charms, not gear, to wear an umed templars coat) and about 125 vit (with gear,charms)(my sorc had memory staff and 1 pt eshield, no pts tk. some say its useless, i say its a life saver.

with all my charms and cta, lidless switch i had around 2.2k mana, 1.2k life. maxed res, maxed block, around 4.5k def, 105% cast.

200% cast is nice but ull be sacrificing 50%more mana, 5+ to all skills, +to attributes, 35% res, +mana, +life, 10% dr, an open socket (if u socket shako) and more just for 1 extra frame. although i guess u can always have that stuff in the stash for switch.

so, try and get some of that stuff i named above, those are probably just basic cookie cutter items, you will be able to duel, maybe not win so successfully as you want, but evetually the wealth does accumulate, and ull get those godly items to help u out.

have fun