My East NL account?


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My East NL account?

well idk where this should go but i guess im posting it here.Uh well I play East Sc L and NL and I like ladder more than nl but i still do have some good friends who are nl only and theres some great forum members here who still play a lot of nl.So I wanted to have a few nl chars geared to help people out.I have many many dif kinds of chars built on nl so i wanted your guy's opinions on which chars i should use for what.

I want to have..

a good pk char if some pub joins one of my chaos/baal games and decides to try to pk the people in my game.

a chaos runner and a baal runner

a good rush/grush/questing char

a Uber killer char

a Guber helper

The chars I have already built are..

Light sorc
Es/Nova sorc
pvm bo/helper barb
Bone necro
meteor/orb sorc
orb/cl sorc
Fury wolf druid
light trapper

and I can get like any gear for any of thoughs chars just wondering what chars would be Fun for the things id be doing on nl.Thanks for any advice/help and if you are East Sc NL and need help feel free to pm me.
Re: My East NL account?

Seems to me you're all set up. You'll be able to do all the things you still want to do. Though a real high level PK-er could prove tough and there's no one answer to every PK-er.


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Re: My East NL account?

yeah but the pker prob will need max resists (when pkers pk runs they make sure a lot of monsters are around) and prob good Fcr for tele so i wasnt sure what char out of my list would work good.Also i didnt wnana have all those chars geared i just wanted like 5 chars fully geared and godly so i can help people with anything so yeah.
Re: My East NL account?

Auradin and Bonenecro are very strong in PvP so I guess a PK-er can go down with those. And I recently got a nice shelve filled with cans of whoop-*** handed to me by Furyan. He's pretty strong with his Elemental Druid with tele.


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Re: My East NL account?

I was kindof thinking of using full sets for some of these chars because it'd be cool,fun,stylish ^_^.like

Full Trang boner necro with real good gear+good merc for just helping people do Quests/Bonewall for ubers or w/e.

Full Tals light sorc with GG gear,good dmg,105 fcr,high life and infinity merc.Ive seen a tals blizz sorc with no infinity merc run a full game chaos actually pretty decent so im sure a tals light sorc with a infinity merc would be pretty good and funner than a normal cookie cutter geared light sorc..

Im planning on using full Gris smiter for like killing peoples ancients/doing mini ubers and maybe even trist.

no matter what im gonna gear my old pvm Sword ww barb so he can have nice dmg,high bo without pre buff gear,and have decent fcr to run baal runs and maybe even chaos.Barb would also be good for doing tomb runs (would actually be one of the best chars to run tombruns for people o_O)and maybe i could even have a wolfhowl in my stash and use him sometimes for like mini ubers for fun.

I also mines well have a basic geared hdin seems how a hdin can do anything pretty much even though there boring but sometimes it may be the fastest char to do something..

Ill prob have my orb/cl sorc or meteor/orb sorc pimped out with Really High mf (900+)good dmg,etc and ill get a gg merc so I can mf once and a while.

I really want to have some kind of zon for all around use.Either a pure javazon with infinity merc,my pure bowazon and use 9 java gcs,Etitans and tgods so she can have 3k+ lightning fury,or slap full mavs on my bowazon and have like a silence spear on switch for 1 point jab.

Then Im thinking I want to have a melee char and a caster for pking,gm 1 vs 1's,team duels and help people practice with there new pvp chars..I was thinking well my hdin could pvp,javazon and prob my bowazon could,im sure that light sorc could do decent and my barb but then id want to have 2 chars for pvp only ill prob have my other bone necro with more serious pvp gear and my Fury wolf for pvp only.

Wow I just realised thats a long read haha.but what do you guys think?
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Hmm yeah, some set builds need to be around more. Gris and Natalya being two of them. One thing though, I think an Auradin or LF zon beats any build in any tomb.


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Re: My East NL account?

well idk auradin is like not even playing d2 ur just moving ur mouse..and lf zon meh.a ww barb can just ww right through and all are monsters in path fall..and i could have switch high mana gear cos well ill be in a normal game and i could just never stop ww pretty much ^_^.