My E-Mail to Blizzard, and their reply.


My E-Mail to Blizzard, and their reply.

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To: [email protected]
Subject: Re: Diablo II LoD - Realm Down help
Date: Fri, 3 Jun 2005 15:53:24 -0700

Hello Dave,

You may need to exit any programs you have running in the background
that may be causing you to get Realm Downs. We recommend running in a
selective startup if possible. If you are not able to run in a selective
startup, please try closing background applications manually.

Selective Startup:

For Windows XP/ME users:
Click Start and select Run, then type "msconfig" and click OK.
In the General tab:

1. Choose Selective Startup
2. Disable (uncheck) Load startup items
3. Click OK and Reboot

For Windows 98 users:
Click Start and select Run, then type "msconfig" and click OK.
In the General tab:

1. Choose Selective Startup
2. Disable Process the config.sys file
3. Disable Process the autoexec.bat file
4. Disable Load startup group items
5. Click OK and Reboot

Close background applications:

Windows 95/98/Me:

1. Press the Ctrl, Alt, and Delete keys at the same time. A dialog box
will display the active programs.
2. Close all active programs except explorer and systray, one at a
time, by selecting each program and clicking the "End Task" button.
3. Repeat these steps until all programs except explorer and systray
have been closed.

Windows 2000 users:
You will need to make sure that you are logged in as an administrator
and that you have disabled all the non Default Processes -
Please use the link provided to view the list of default processes in
Windows 2000, Knowledge Base Article Number (Q263201).

Windows XP:

1. Press the Ctrl, Alt, and Delete keys at the same time.
2. Select the Task Manager button.
3. Select the Applications tab.
4. Close all active programs, one at a time, by selecting each program
and clicking the End Task button.
5. Stop or uninstall any antivirus and/or firewall programs you have
6. If your system locks up, turn the power off (waiting 10 seconds)
then back on.
7. Note: If your system does lock up or reboots you may need to
contact your computer manufacturer to find out how to close these programs
for your system.


Justin K.
Blizzard Entertainment
Technical Support Representative

Customer satisfaction is a top priority here at Blizzard Entertainment,
and we would like your feedback on the level of service you have
received. Please feel free to provide such feedback at the following web
address: 3:48:20 PM&[email protected]

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From: [email protected]
To: Online Support
Sent: 6/3/2005 2:24:52 PM
Subject: Diablo II LoD - Realm Down help

I have been having a serious problem with Realm Downs. Not when
transferring, but after EVERY game I get one. No matter how long I'm in the
game, when I click Save & Exit, it takes me back to the Login screen
'Querying gateway, connecting to fastest server', etc. Then when I type in
my password and hit enter, I get realm down from times varying from 10
minutes to 3 hours.

This just started a short time ago, and I never had any problems like
this before. It seems like this problem started right when World of
Warcraft was released.

I use a 56k modem- if that makes any difference. People have told me
that is the reason, yet I've been playing for a long time and never even
got realm down more than three times in the past couple of years,
except now its every 10 minutes.

Please help

Dave XXXXXX, USEast.

(The X's is where I put my name.)

Well, to anyone with the same problem as me, I suggest you try this! I sat in Blizzard Tech SUpport for an hour and 30 minutes yesterday and all I got told was "Realm downs are caused by joining/leaving games too fast" yeah, and that didn't help one bit.

Try this, everyone. Even if you don't have Realm down problems. After I used Justin's advice and did a selective startup, not only were my Realm Down problems fixed, but my computer is also much, much faster. It used to lag bad when I started it up, but now it runs like it's been on for awhile as soon as I turn it on.

Thank you, Blizzard. For once you actually helped. For anyone who is having technical problems, E-Mail [email protected] about it. I emailed it yesterday, and the reply was in my inbox as soon as I woke up.


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Blizzard technical support is not the best and you have to remember that all the emails are automated.

Look in my sig for the link for bnet connection issues. Hope that helps!


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Actually, the same type of thing happens to me, but not after every game, just most of the times i log in. I think i might have found a temporary solution, maybe. So when youre in the screen where you would usually select a character but it says Realm Down instead, there is a box in the top right corner that gives you the options to switch realms. When I click it, the only option i get back is to switch to USEast (which im in). However, if i click the black space under the realm name, the screen blinks for a second, and sometimes the characters come back. Now sometimes i have to click around 10 times, and sometimes i have to sign off and sign back on, but i have yet to have a situation when i couldnt get back on(except when the realm really is down, happened once). I dont know if this has been posted before, and its just from my expirience, but it has eliminated realm downs for me.

By the way, i use a Mac, dont know if that makes any difference.

Hopefully this works for you like it has for me, and to anyone else out there with the same problem you have and i had.


skilledlord said:
wow isn't this a surprise. People are thanking blizz.
Until not running antivirus/firewall software causes the obvious problems like a virus. Pretty poor solution IMHO.
I run 2000 and I will not disable Norton. It's too dangerous.
I have taken off that Sygate crap. I worked out it was causing a half second freeze about once every 30 seconds which was really annoying.


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sorcyone said:
Until not running antivirus/firewall software causes the obvious problems like a virus. Pretty poor solution IMHO.
When you aren't using a browser and/or e-mail client when playing D2 you dont need a antivirus program at that time. And if your windows is properly patched and up-to-date (even better: you disabled all services that open ports to the outside. Other possibility: You have an external router that can do the firewalling) you dont really need a personal firewall. So this solution works, if you are a little bit cautionous. On the other hand: even a virus scanner won't help you if you are not...



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What is your isp? Do you get the realm down at the moment where you just connected to the internet?

Being on a wireless network, I noticed when ever i am losing signals ( my ping gets high ) im a more susceptable to realm downs. I believe my computer is trying to send lost packet so fast or something related to that ( i forgot ).

I used to have 56k dial-up too (AOL). Like what i mentioned in my wireless internet, you are susceptible to realm downs when your conenction gets disrupted. Some of this interuption happens when AOL tries to use my lousy 56k bandwidth to search for an update. Sometimes not just AOL, but windows, my virus scanner blah blah blah.

Try to use a firewall and you might have the chance to block the programs that tries to search for an update -OR- you can wait a while until the updation (lol new word) takes place. I ussually wait for about 5-15 minutes. try Zone Labs Firewall. its a trial/free firewall IIRC. It wil let you know what programs are trying to access the internet in real time.

I could be very wrong about this. But this wont hurt if you try it.


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Of course your system runs faster now, basically what they told you to do is to disable your computer loading any startup progs. That's not a real soloution to the problem. If you dont want those programs to run at startup, then change the options in the programs themselves, not in msconfig.

Although a lot of startup software *cough Norton cough* will suck up a lot of system resources. Virus scanners with real time protection will really suck cpu resources, and will slow network traffic down because they have to scan every incoming packet.

Besides, real time protection really doesnt protect you as well as most people think anyway. Trojans get around Norton all the time.

Do regular scans and have a half a brain when surfing the net and you should be ok.


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Scan your pc for Spyware and check your firewall. I'm most certain that this is the problem...