My Druid :D


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My Druid :D

Hey guys.

Just thought I'd randomly post about my druid, who I really enjoy playing in random PVM, and I'm actually quite proud of.

A little backstory : I've always been really obsessed with looking unique and using unorthodox items. Also, Bonesnap has been one of my favorite items since it was fairly GG (classic players represent). Anyway, onto my mission statements.

When I started this druid I had a few of objectives in mind : 1) Make an extremely unique character who could be effective even in hell, and yet who was unlike any other character on 2) Use all (with maybe a couple of exceptions) items I had found or made myself. 3) Look badass while wearing my endgame gear.

I managed to achieve all three, I think :jig:

My Wolfie, RobertDaeley. (The name comes from my stepfather, who not only resembles the druid, but whom also plays them chiefly.

His stats and items, in Hell, in wolf mode with sage and might from merc.

Check these badboys out. :laugh:

My pride and joy. Mf'ed it on norm cows, double-upped it, and sock'd with shael.

His full gear :

Helm : Kira's socketed with an Um.

Weapon : Double upped + shael'd bonesnap.

Armor : +2 Arkaines Valor

Gloves : Double upped Bloodfists.

Belt : 13% Verdungos.

Boots : Gore Riders (ironically enough, not upped.)

Rings : Dual Leech rare + Natures Peace

Ammy : Mahim-Oak Curio

His charms are a mix of a bunch of different ones I've found, some are lifers, theres a couple of pdmg charms, some max ones, some res, no skillers. A very low anni, and a middle of the pack torch.

Skills :

Basic maxed stuff for a classic fury wolf, with some summoning. Maxed WW, Lyc, Fury, and Oak. Some points tossed into the two wolfs and grizzly, and he rolls with a bear and some ravens most of the time.

Ending notes : Loads of Fhr, 90% to be exact (woot woot 86% BP). Pretty good life, resists in hell, and even a little bit of DR tossed in. He's also a powerful force in PVM, and can hold his own without really ever worrying about dying (save against Iron Maiden and the occasional Lightning Soul beatdown.) Everything he kills stays dead, and doesn't heal.

This character is not GG. He's not a beast that one hits every monster in hell by any stretch of the imagination. However, I have fun playing him, and that's all that matters to me.

That's it! Thanks for reading, if you did. =)


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dude lol nice druid , looks very fun too play and get's lots of style point's.

gogo old school gear =):cool:

Clay bizzle

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I'm a big, oldschool fan of the unique Great Maul, Steel Driver. -50% requirements = fun upped weapon when 1.10 came out. Too bad it doesn't have Bonesnap's crushing blow...


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I almost used a double upped steeldriver, it might even have been more practical, but there's something about that skull on a stick graphic that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

The crushing blow is nice too. XD


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This character is not GG. He's not a beast that one hits every monster in hell by any stretch of the imagination. However, I have fun playing him, and that's all that matters to me.
True true. Some people have a hard time understanding this... sadly...
Keep up the good work :thumbsup:


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Welcome to the wild, wild world of Wolves,

Finally! Another person who plays the game for fun and enjoyment rather than make the "uber" character!! (clap, clap!!!) . And an untwinked character at that! Take that ebay!!! (stab, stab!).

Nice job on your character Sir, look forward to seeing ya on the bnet!

Good luck and Good Hunting!


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The only thing I have against mauls is the range.

But gfg I love people who put their charms in pic order. 50x brownie points on fashion scale.


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Nice, man, I remember that, playing just to play.

Funny how once I rolled a druid it completely changed the way how I look at games now, now I always play to become the best, even if it ruins the game for me.

But boy oh boy does that bring me back to the days of playing my barb and being mesmorized by seeing him doing


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Wow! I really like the look of your druid, and the fact that you made in solely for your fun :)

To tell you the truth, I would give EVERY single item I own on this game (except maybe a couple extremely rare items) just to have more people like you, and a large number here at playing the game like that..

I see too many people obsessed with trying to be the best at pk..

This site, and the people on these forums seem to be a very awesome group of people, and i'm going to shift more of my time here! lol (don't think that really means much... )

anyways, HUGE style points to you, and I hope some of this rubs off onto other people so we (the bnet community) can have some more fun pvm'ing!!