My Drive Wont Open!!


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There should be a small hole under or around the door. Insert a straightened paper clip to release the door.


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It may be broken or maybe a virus. My friend once got a virus that made his drive OPEN and CLOSE and it keep going.
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that's the manual way. Check to see if it still works by putting in a cd after you open it with a paper clip and see if the drive runs it. If not, that means you somehow uninstalled the drive which really sucks installing it agains is kinda complicated.

My laptop drive didnt work a while back but it did after i restarted the computer so maybe you should try that.


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Ebuski said:
Open up a paper clip and stick it in the little hole in the drive to open it.
It made some funny noises and the little green light came on but no dice, I didnt have a paper clip so i used a saftey pin is that gonna damage the cd in there :(


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Useratuaer said:
OMG, I tried it again it make a screeching noise, I dont like this :(
don't tell me tht you are trying to open it with a paper clip while your pc is turned on.
haven't you read the manual?
the computer should be off. thats how mine works


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Well are you running the cd while you're doing it? Try shutting your computer off and doing it, it'll open the drive up and is very handy if you are switchign to a new computer and have the old unplugged with a CD still inside. It won't damage the CD or anything if you turn your computer off and do it.


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Gix said:
A lot of girls' drives won't open.
Hmm, I dont know if thats a joke an insult. Well anyways, thanks guys for the fast response, I got my drive open and it opens automatically again thanks for the fast response I thought I was going to have to call Geek Squad :lol: