my day


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my day

well i started off the day strectching my back, legs, and arm
i put on some freshly ironed clothes, undies, and my suspenders

i open the fridge, take out a large fresh salmon, open/close my door and walk out.

my cable has been having problems, so i drive over to the isp main room.
on the way there, i see this motorist smoking weed.
so i take out my salmon, and give him a good slap.
he says sorry, bows, and rides away

i feel happy. ecstatic even

when i get to the isp main room, i smack the guya round to give me ALL the bandwidth.

after about 2 or 3 slaps across the face, he agrees

i go to the market and buy a fresh tuna fish

i go to my ex gf house and whop her with 5-6 strikes... start to walk off.. go back, gives her 20 more whops with the tuna, and drives home.

my pc lags during cs, so i give the pc a whop.
it breaks.
i curse.
i sleep

all in a day.