My Current WD Strategy, any tips?

Androxine Vortex

Diabloii.Net Member
I don't have access to my character right now so I cant really list my gear. I also play on ps3. I am lv 36 and this is how I typically approach mobs:

I first have my Gargantuan out and when I see enemies I start shooting my poison dart with splinters rune. Enemies close distance but my gargantuan rushes forward and holds them off. I run up behind him and use soul harvest hopefully getting at least 5 enemies. I then cast plague bats and hold it in as long as I can.

When fighting higher lv mobs I have Horrify with the rune that increases range. Enemies run away and I usually use splinters dart to do distance single damage. When enemies rush back in I also have spirit walk to get out of trouble.

I like this setup because all of my spells have very short cooldowns and its hard for me to run out of mana. I should also note that I can cast harvest again and it will heal me.

I see lots of videos of people using acid cloud but I don't see how its that useful. It sucks up more mana than continuously holding down my bats the only plus I can see is that you have mobility but I don't have problems. Keeping in mind I am only on Act II Nightmare so eventually I want to unlock and try out Bears. I also see lots of people using Dire Bats but they were horrible when I tried using them.

I also keep hearing different stories about using pets in inferno. I really like my gargantuan but will it be useless or viable when I eventually play in Hell or Inferno?