My build, please read and critique


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My build, please read and critique

So here is the strafer that I have planned:

Max Strafe
Max Critical Strike
Max Penetrate
Max Valkyrie
D/A/E to taste

Is pierce needed here?

Strength: 100'ish (enough for complete get up basically, and possibly some mf gear...think skullders / travs)
Dexterity: 100-150 (i figure with raven + max penetrate, and other ar gear, i should be fine)
Vitality: Rest
Energy: None

End Game Gear:
Bow: Up'd WWS shael/shael / I also have a rare Ward Bow (278%ed) no ias
Armor: ?
Helm: ?
Gloves: Laying of hands
Boots: Travs
Ring 1: Raven Frost
Ring 2: ?
Amulet: ?
Belt: ?

Complications caused by ? in gear:

1. AR: I could use Angelic ring / ammy to settle this, but then that limits my ? in other gear based on necessity of leech...speaking of which...

2. Leech: If I go with Angelic jewelry for AR, then where to get both leech's from? I have a steelskull which is cute and all, but would 5/5 cut it in hell? I don't think so.

3. Belt: What belt to use? I'm used to needing pierce, so razortail has always been the belt of choice (think 1.09 GA zons). So what here is good? Nos' coil for the ias / leech?

I know I have no way to deal with phys immunes, but I figure this:

1. Usually party play and
2. Amp on wws would write off phys immunities
3. All skill points after above mentioned uses would go into Magic Arrow

Merc would be a Might Merc of course, so him and valk provide proficient meat shields for me while strafe-locked.

Ok, so that sums it up.



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first why max critical strike???

second if you can play sc and even if you play hc you shouldnt need such a massive amount of stat points dumped into vita.

most persons make it to mat with any thing from base to 120

third even with the angelic combo your ar will suck.

a example with level 22 penetrate 366 dex and level 26 magic arrow(adds a boat load of ar) i get a ar of 14000+ and i still dont have above 90% to hit most of the time and with strafe witch dont get any ar bonus of its own i have 8500+ ar.

thats on a level 87 mat.

forth if you want to make the best use of strafe you really should get pierce. just remember that the next delay will affect your arrows unless you strafe very slowly.

fifth if you use a wws there is no need for MA unless you want to waste points.

wws fires level 20 MA directly.

good armour range from duriels shell, lionheart, gloom to CoH. just to name a few.

belt i would recommend razortail as if you have that you only need a level 8 pierce to get 98% pierce if my memory work as it should.

helm well steel skull, gaze, tal rashas helm, but you can also use helms like kiras guardian or andariels visage.

ring2 could be a dual leech ring or wisp projector or natures peace

its nearly seems like you want to build the zon after how it was in 1.09. that wont work that well.

read the posts by the senior members here and do a search on strafe.

you should find quite a few helpful tips about how to build your zon.


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I know that the book on zon's has been rewritten in 1.10, so I didn't go that route (ga / ms).

So after reading your suggestions, links / guides, etc...

Here we go again:

Max Strafe
Max Penetrate
9 Critical Strike
9 Pierce
17 Valkyrie (after +skill items)
d/a/e to taste

Str: Enough for gear
Dex: Rest
Vit: 70-100 (I have a good bit of wealth built up, so I can buy what is necessary)
Nrg: Base

Helm: Stealskull / Gaze
Armor: COH
Weapon: WWS (should I double shael?)
Gloves: LOH / Rare (20ias / LL / CB)
Boots: Travs (for dmg)
Belt: Razortail
Ring 1: Angelic Ring
Ring 2: Dual Leech Ring (have already)
Amulet: Angelic Amulet

Individual Res sc's to taste

Might Merc

So is that better suited to 1.10? She is already level 19 1/2 and after tonights norm baal run exodus, should be 50'ish. So thoughts?



i would tone down the penetrate - dex with a raven will get you to a good AR level.

i recommend penetrate to 5, rest into other things, like 5 into pierce. and at least one into freezing arrow, as enemies who sit there frozen solid are just prime pickins'.


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The build looks good. While penetrate does not need to be maxed, I don't think just 5 points into it is enough. Let your chance to hit% be your guide. Nine into CS is safe, just in case you want to use another bow sometime. I do think you need more IAS, 90 total will give you a 9/2 attack speed. Swap out the Angelics for a Highlords or Cat's eye ammy and use the Steelskull and you will have it with a double shealed Witchy. Use the other ring slot for extra ML, or what ever you see fit.

Edit: Just saw this, put the Raven back on:thumbsup:


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How bout knockback? I would recommend having knockback from somewhere, either on your gloves or you could nef the bow.


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Stat point wise,

Points invensted into other than Dex are wasted. This obviously means Vita.
You should learn to use your wits. If you put yourself into a situation where you are going to die, more life won't make any difference.

Equipment wise,

Look for features like
knockback, ITD, slow down monsters X%, prevent monster healing, crushing blow, deadly strike.
Then look for cold attack, leech, IAS, AR, fast run/walk, resists and so on.
The last thing you will need is PDR. (vampgaze and strings are bad choice for bowzons)