My Bowazon Build


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My Bowazon Build

Well i want to ask in general on how well i am doing, and anything i should fix / upgrade until its too late (ill be 80+).

I'm basically a MS/GA bowazon using passives (thinking about valk).





15ias Gaze
15ias Shaftstop
Buriza (adding shael if im keeping it, was thinking about an upgrade)
Crescent Moon Amulet
Manald Ring (read below)
Aldur's Advance (read below)
Razortail (read below)
Magus Skin (lavagouts maybe?)

Throwing out the manald, i already have alot of Leech. What's a good ring?
I defiently need some resists. Aldurs, im using it for some nice stuff but mostly because of the +40% r/w, i find that speed is very important to me esp. since i dont have a valk for tanking. Throwing out razortail since im using a Buriza, String of ears? what's a good belt?

Also considering a 60ias armor, how much do these go for? I have some titans, ik, rhyme and any of this - tradable for one?

Any bowazon advise, thanks in advance.


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Also, according to the bow guides - they say Eaglehorn isn't great? What are your opinions on this?


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Eagle, with 89 ias, can beat most any other bow with the exception of wf and some cruels.


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you're only 8% away from your next ias break point (138 12/3.5) so instead of shaeling your buriza go with goldwrap for the 10% ias (nosferatus coil has this too but is more expensive for the same thing) then you can put something nice in it like a 40/15 max

keep the mana ring on and switch out your amulet for atmas for the amp dmg.

the boots are fine, youre right on the money for r/w. you could go for the knock back crafted gloves and 20 ias is all you really need, the +skills are kinda frivolous.

15ias Gaze
15ias Shaftstop 60 ias armour
Buriza 80/100shaeled
Crescent Moon Amulet /cats eye 20
Razortail goldwrap 10
Magus Skin 20

you can barely get the last break point (11/3 215) but that would eat so much for such a small effect. if you want to get that fast, find a nice 0 speed bow and use that 200 ias for 7fps shots instead of 11fps.

most of the bows got left behind in the damage department. now that rares can have up to 450 ed and rune words easilt give 300 ed 200 on a bow is just lacking. hand of justice is my favorite, short word too for bow/xbow variety.

oh and you could go the lava gouts rout too as they handle your ias and have a nice proc.

definitly get that valk, use decoy too. dont worry about people saying not to put valk past lvl 17 thats just when she will spawn rare armour, there are plenty of bonuses she gets every level, dex res, like ar, def. penetrate now has a use in 110 generally each point will raise your to hit by 1%, doesnt sound like much but lvl 20 can be the differance between 65 to hit and 85 to hit. then again you are using multi so it shouldnt be such a big deal for you.

just think up a perfect zon build and set your str and skills to that regardless of what you actually have now. best of luck


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Ruick said:
According to

Eaglehorn has a way to go to get the fastest bow at the 90ias mark.

In raw dmg it's not bad tho.

I just recently read this guide, what do you guys think?
In a basis of speed vs raw damage, it will kill as fast, or faster than most bows. I never have liked the data on bows, as they almost always end up with ballista being close to the #1 bow, even though it will never beat a faster bow in pvm, or pvp unless the target is a single monster. Speed kills, but speed with high damage is the ultimate. Something a bow offers over a cross bow.